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Let's Meet Up and Hike from Lower to Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park
We'll meet up at the lower parking lot and start with the Gorge and Bear Trails to Treman Lake for approx 1.5 miles. Once there, we can break and take a look at the weather and other factors to decide if we want to add the additional 1.3 mile Lake Treman Loop Trail. If not, we'll continue back the way we came, hopping over onto the Rim Trail for our return to the parking lot. Total for this hike, including the 1.3 mile Treman Lake Loop, will bring us to close to 5 miles or maybe a bit over. The trails are very well marked and groomed; also, mostly uphill to the lake, and mostly downhill on the return from the lake. You should bring water, a light snack (an apple, a handful of seeds, an energy bar, etc.), a change of hiking socks, any sort of medications they need for emergencies or otherwise- a copy of their release of liability form- either signed and scanned and returned at the hike or previously. And here's a good article on what to wear on winter hikes in case of inclement weather: Who should come? Are newcomers welcome? Anyone medically cleared to walk and/or hike long distances, including steep hills should come. Some of our hikes are flat some involve steep hills. Newcomers are always welcome but must offer their email addresses and sign a release of liability waiver. Parents must also do this for their children. In sum, everyone must sign a waiver who participates in the hike, whether in our club or not. At the start of each walk/hike, one (or more) of our organizers will detail how you should proceed- faster, more experienced walkers and hikers will lead- there will always be an organizer at the front and the rear, so no one is left behind. Organizers wait for everyone to complete before departing- and will coach and/or talk to other walkers along the way to provide necessary encouragement. How will members benefit from coming to your Meetup? Members of our club will benefit in the following ways: 1) an increased ability to complete the hike or walk at faster times over time; 2) friendship and socializing; 3) support and kind attention if desired.

Buttermilk Falls Lower Entrance

110 Buttermilk Falls Rd E · Ithaca, NY

What we're about

Enough Already! Get Moving, Start Losing™ is a fun fitness group managed and led by Michelle Courtney Berry, MPS, CISD, RMT. It's a group full of wonderful people that are deeply devoted to mind, body and spiritual wellness. Each month, throughout the seasons, they come together to support our shared visions of "letting go" of any emotional baggage that we carry with us each day.

Enough Already! Get Moving, Start Losing™ is part of America Rises, Inc., which is a new non-profit that is slated to launch regionally and nationally in 2019. Our fitness group of diverse and inclusive members focuses on offering hikes, walks, occasional bike rides, and occasional excursions that aim to reduce the financial barriers that are often part and parcel to "fitness" and "wellness" enterprises. Overall, we're committed to engaging people of all ages in a culture of wellness, particularly as this engagement relates to reducing incidences of childhood obesity, reducing or eliminating incidences of Type 2 diabetes, and in other forms of self-care that create better health and wellness.

Over the years, many folks of all ages, shapes, sizes, skin color, sexual orientations, religions, beliefs, agnostics/atheists, nature lovers, political parties or ambivalent about politics, and ideologies - accompanied at times by their children, neighbors, partners, and canine companions - have made deep, lasting friendships across differences that span a variety of cultures, experiences, and nationalities.

We offer mostly hikes, though other excursions including biking, short walks, and gym meet-ups also happen.

RE: our hikes - You will find that most of our hikes cover a variety of fitness levels, but do read the descriptions carefully so you understand the duration, terrain, and you can prepare accordingly. Remember to go at your own pace and bring a friend.

Instead of charging annual dues, we offer a mix of hikes and other fitness excursions, some free and some will be fee-based to cover the cost of the Meet Up site, which is a little under 200 dollar per year, as well as the cost of time for exploring trails in advance, gas, and occasional club excursions where we will cover some of the expenses if there's money left over.

However, to ensure we meet our goals for inclusion and that wellness in the outdoors is available to all, most of our hikes will be free, with special appeals asking members to "pay-it-forward" by donating seasonally in accordance with how much they feel the club has helped with stress levels, bonding, networking, and forming new friendships.

We will also be holding one big donation day annually, that we hope will bring members together socially for exercise and a bit of club fundraising!

**Please COME ON TIME. We are starting the hikes and ending them ON TIME - as many of us have to do other tasks after the hike. Please factor in time for parking and etc. when coming to a hike. You will not be refunded if you come late and can't find us.

Many people join us for many different reasons. So, whether it's weight loss or just ditching a bad habit, we want to keep you moving so that when you're with us, you can put your worries and excuses aside and enjoy the beautiful natural environment of our surrounding regions and destinations.

Hiking for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Hiking outdoors has many perks - nice views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature. Hiking is also a powerful cardio workout that can lower your risk of heart disease, boost bone density (since walking is a weight-bearing exercise), and build strength in your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, as well as muscles in your hips and lower legs. Hiking can also strengthen your core, improve your balance, and boost your mood.

Group Leader Information

Group Leader and entrepreneur Michelle Courtney Berry, is an internationally certified stress de-briefer, coach, Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher (, trainer and transformative motivational speaker who's opened for The Dalai Lama and Dr. Maya Angelou. In April 2014, Michelle was the #1 female and placed #4 overall out of 44,000 participants in the national “Total Lean Challenge” sponsored by Map My Fitness and GNC ( In Spring 2015, Michelle was once again in the top 1% of the nation out of 76,000 participants in the Map My Fitness "Total Degree Challenge" with the iconic trainer and TV star, Chris Powell.

Michelle has also walked on fire and climbed one of the highest peaks in the Adirondacks. She holds a graduate degree in Communication from Cornell University ( and a dual BA degree in English, Literature, Rhetoric and Political Science from Binghamton University.

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