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Enso is the Zen circle of pure `emptiness', which both as symbol and action, exemplifies the freedom that meditation practice opens in us: to live fully, presently and awake.

Enso offers zazen meditation combined with engaged work and inner transformational study. Enso Retreat Center will also be hosting and offering to the community access to a comprehensive library that covers the range of the universal perennial philosophy and literature as well as Buddhist philosophy.

All my life I've been lazy

hating anything solemn,

finding light matters more congenial.

Others may study how to make a profit,

I have my single roll of scripture.

I don't bother to fit it with roller or case,

or trouble to carry it here or there.

Like a doctor prescribing a medicine for each disease,

I use what remedy is at hand to save the world.

Only when the mind is free of care

can the light of understanding shine in every corner.

from the Eccentric Hermit Poet Han Shan

translation by Burton Watson

Enso hosts workhops, seminars and retreats in meditation, creative and contemplative arts, and the essence of the wisdom traditions. A large library of 'perennial philosophy' and Dharma literature is also available to borrow and study.

Enso is located in central San Diego in North Park. Please contact us for our schedule of retreat, classes and seminars at ensomeditation@yahoo.com

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Meditation - an introduction

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Meditation - an introduction

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Meditation - an introduction

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Zen Meditation - 7pm on Mondays

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