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This is a mixed levels yoga class--but all beginners are welcome and first class is always free! We respect each person's individuality and the aim is to make the postures work for you- and never force someone to do what their not ready to do! Energize and uplift yourself with Ananda Yoga, lead by Paul, to awaken the natural joy of the heart. Release any stress from the week and harmonize your inner and outer self to "reboot" your energy and feel deeply calm!

Yoga has said for thousands of years that beyond our physical body's central nervous system there is a subtle energetic system. The Chakras are part of our subtle energetic anatomy, which is another way of describing our "Astral' body or body of "Light." We will practice yoga postures, pranayama (breath-energy work), and a short meditation to help unblock engergetic "gunk" that gets trapped in our physical and astral body. Like cleaning the dirt off a stain glass window, this spiritually oriented Hatha Yoga practice will cleanse out toxins in our inner and outer body so that our natural radiance, color, and beauty can shine! We will feel more childlike yet grounded with: increased energy, calmness, and lightness. This class will literally help you glow from the inside-out!

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