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What we’re about

The Vision:
The Enterprise Agile Global community is a group of dedicated, new Agilists, experienced Agilists, and passionate business and technical leaders who collaborate to learn and share knowledge about being Agile within the Enterprise.

Our vision is that Agile is a comprehensive set of the right fit implementations of Lean, Scrum, Kanban, Chaos Engineering, Complexity Science, Product and Technology Innovation, Design Thinking, UX Design, Scaling Frameworks (like SAFe, LeSS, DA), Continuous Delivery or BizDevOps (DevOps, TestOps, SecOps) for your enterprise.

The Value:
We provide access to experts and their information for Enterprise Agile Transformation and Adoption since 2014 allowing us to gain real-world experience through learning practices and knowledge to take back to our organizations.

The Enterprise Learning & Sharing Series will expand your knowledge with practical information and workshops with separate business and technical tracks.

The idea is that the community will self-organize and deliver value to each other over time.
· Seasoned Agilists · Next Gen Agilists · CIO’s & CTO’s faced with Agile Challenges
· Software Managers · Test Managers · DevOps Engineers

Each month a new, rich topic highlighting the hottest trends will be explored!

Our olince session recordings (Zoom) can be found on the Enterprise Agile Global Community YouTube Channel:

Miro is the visual collaboration platform where Agile teams connect and create together ― whether they are in the office, remote, or a mix of the two. Make practices such as Scrum Events and PI Planning more engaging and productive, while enabling continuous cross-functional collaboration and alignment in-between those moments ― ultimately leading to the best quality innovation."

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