What we're about

Enterprise Scrum for Business Agility is about helping organizations in the NY metropolitan area to build valuable products and services to paying customers through the use of the Enterprise Scrum.

Enterprise Scrum is a business agility framework that your organization can apply to respond quickly and effectively to all forms of change to deliver maximum value to your organization and customers.

Enterprise Scrum, pioneered by Mike Beedle, is a powerful Business Agility Framework for teams and the whole organizations to manage everything that matters in a truly agile, adaptive, all-at-once, customer-centric way.

Mike Beedle developed the ES Framework for Business Agility based on countless adaptations he’d seen and tested in practice. He worked to make Scrum better, to generalize it for any domain, and to scale it across any size initiative and organization.


To be the Business Agility Community Leader through helping organization to be successful in delivering products and services that meet the demands and needs of this fast moving 21th Century market.

Purpose of this Meetup are

• To offer learning experiences of the Enterprise Scrum for Business Agility to the business community in NYC for them to build valuable products and services

• To share members' success and failure implementation stories with others so that we all can learn from each other.

Members' Agreement

Respect others (time, value, opinion)

Agree to disagree

Listen Actively

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