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Hi you creative people,

Our names are Lili & Zoé, and we really like to write. You do too? Well, that’s awesome because we’re starting our first serie of workshops with a creative writing one! We thought that it would be a great idea ; the Christmas frenzy is coming up, you might want to have a moment to take a break and become the writer you’ve always been!

This workshop is a part of a complete experience called The Five Tribes. Wanna know more? Check our website out:

Basically, we wrote a book and developed a game and a show that all tell the story of five tribes living in a cave lighten up by crystals, after the end of the world as we know it, a 1000 years from now. This Saturday you will be given the opportunity to learn about the story of the Dakhin, the people living in the underground city of Renaissance.

The plan is to talk to you about this fantasy world we created, but more than that, to give you the chance to make your contribution to our book and to become a part of our growing community.

You will work on your own and with others through different writing exercises to imagine how the Dakhin live and how they interact with their environment.

If you want, your piece of work can be considered as a new addition to The Five Tribes’ app. You’ll become a co-writer in the Five Tribes’ community and you’ll be named as one, but your contribution can also stay anonymous, if you’d rather enjoy being behind the scene.

We think this workshop is a great way to develop your imagination and creativity, as well as to learn more about collective and fantasy writing, in the beautiful place that is the Love Shack. Oh, and it’s completely free!

Don’t be shy, join us at 2pm and we’ll have a great, judgment-free time!
Everyone is welcome, no matter the age or the writing skills, children included.

Can’t wait to see you there,

Lili & Zoé, from The Five Tribes’ community