What we're about

Those who are in favor of an ancient wisdom, one in which we take charge of our own healing.
At EntheoMedicine events, people from all walks of life gather to network and hear cutting edge science-based research in the healing power of plant medicines.

A California born organization, EntheoMedicine Events provides a bi-monthly opportunity to learn science-based knowledge and share ancient plant wisdom, in a community format.
We believe that it is of the utmost importance to combine ancient wisdom with evidence-based research. Consciousness transformation will be made possible with wise use of entheogens and psychedelics for those who seek healing and a radical shift for a more conscious lifestyle.

These Events Explore How To:
Inform and assist those who choose to look into entheogens as an alternative path to healing and explore their powerful ability to impact profound self awareness,
• Promote awareness of plant medicines and substances of all kinds and their existing and potential roles in contemporary society, and
• Encourage broad acknowledgment of visionary, healing, and awakening plants in the context of historical, cultural, medicinal and spiritual uses.

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