Hangout #013 : 3 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Saturated Market


Daniel Taylor is passionate about human behaviour, and the science that surrounds it. He is dedicated to helping businesses, and individuals alike make the best choices, through understanding what drives behaviour.

Daniel is a behavioural scientist with a passion for making a change in the world of business.

Successful businesses all have one thing in common – they understand what drives their customers to act. The secrets of the trade are based in the science of human behaviour.

Within this Hangout Daniel will discuss how using 3 simple scientific nuggets of human behaviour, you can appeal directly to your customer’s needs.

Take the mystery and opinions out of business, and start using facts in your decision making.

During our Hangout's the speaker will talk for up to an hour, networking opportunities are available before and after the talk. So just to make you aware although the set end time is 9 PM, some people may choose to stay slightly later. Feel free to leave whenever is necessary for you after the speaker is finished!

For more information on Daniels business please visit-
Twitter handle- @motivateschange
Facebook page- /motivatechangebusiness

This event is FREE for all Desk members and £5 for non-members, to pay on the door.