Hangout #016 : How to make a small fortune as a food & drink start-up


John Taylerson MBA, FCIM Chartered Marketer has extensive experience of food & drink from farm to consumer. Working for NGOs, private companies and PLCs.

Having started food and drink companies from concept to making products for the shelves of premium retailers in Oxford Street within months. Was one of the first food and drink companies on Amazon in 2009. Now advising new and existing companies such government bodies Including Ministers, HMRC as well as investors and food and drink companies.

The presentation will cover the aspects of starting a new food & drink business and the vagaries of getting product to market. Taking a concept and getting it developed.

Make it or getting it made for you? Packaging, transport, pricing, margins, labeling, laws, VAT, on-line, and do any of these matter? An interesting and informal presentation that will inspire anyone who fancies having a go- I mean really, how hard can it be?

Tickets will be £5 for non-members and FREE for all Desk members! Please note, although our Hangouts are set to finish at 9 PM, there is time for socialising, networking and Q+A's after the speaker has finished, this means some attendees choose to stay later! But feel free to leave whenever you feel necessary after John has finished talking. For more information on what John does please visit his twitter handle- @JohnTaylerson / @TaylersonsSyrups