What we're about

Starting and Running a business is never easy. Keeping your business thriving is even harder. But when you've got a support system in place, your entrepreneurial journey can be that much easier.

This Meetup is being started to provide a support group/learning center for entrepreneurs in the area.

Every month we will gather to either share ideas, advice, trends in industries and share or attend entrepreneurial related activities in the area.

We will plan on meeting twice a month during the spring and summer and once a month during the winter. Depending on demand and schedules we can make adjustments to this proposed schedule.

Who can join?

• You will have to be running a business either part time or full time to join this group. As the name suggests this is an entrepreneur support group so being an entrepreneur is important.
• As with anything else in life you get out of something what you put into it. Hence I will ask that if you join this group you should plan on attending a meeting at least once a quarter.
• Finally, have fun. With time I am sure the group will evolve and become a useful resource for each of us.

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