Past Meetup

ENerGize - Entrepreneurs Networking & Referral Group - Highland Village


To Become a Member you will fill out an application with the following information: 3 meetings attended, 3 One-on-Ones with other members, 3 guests brought to our meeting. Once the application is filled out, turn it in to Blake, and based on availability, you will hold the exclusive seat for your business/industry.

Meeting Agenda: 1. Welcome and Prayer 2. Business Card Sharing 3. What You Need to Know about ENG Networking Group 4. 30 Second Commercials 5. Ten Minute Business Spotlight, Guest Speakers, or Ten Minute Education & Best Practices Training 6. Shout outs / Thank you 7. Announcements 8. Reminders 9. Dismissal 10. One on One Meetings encouraged, networking... time permitting.