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So much depends on YOU… the Entrepreneur.

Yes, the most important person is the Entrepreneur.

And our important mission is…

To become The Best Entrepreneurs We Can Be.

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The best ideas, best products, in the best markets won’t go far, when the Entrepreneur makes the wrong decisions.

Operate without a growth mindset and behaviour, and you risk failure and insignificance.

Yet a simple idea or an ordinary product in the hands of a true Entrepreneur… can grow and become successful.

We are talking about the kind of Entrepreneurs that make a dent in the universe.

So much depends on the Entrepreneur.

Some believe Entrepreneurship is something that few are blessed with. Like a gift. You either have it or you don’t. And like any other gift, some are born with more of it.

Yet that only goes so far. The fact remains that Entrepreneurship is a skill. And like any other skill can be learned and improved.

Entrepreneurs Are Made.

By developing the “Inner Game” and "Habits" of Entrepreneurship. Getting really good at this game. Entrepreneurship is a journey. We should not take the journey alone, feeling lost or lonely.

The goal of this group is to join together, to make this journey Simpler, Clearer, and LessRisky.

By Bringing Order to Chaos.

Why this group is different? ... it is not about the "tactics"

This goal can be achieved by organized talks, presentations and discussion… about the game of Entrepreneurship. And not about the “tactics”.

What do we mean by tactics? There are so many resources and how-to’s about starting and growing a business. So much of how to sell more, how to be big on social media, how to launch a campaign, etc. So many “tactics”.

Yet what are these tactics are good for if they are not implemented? Or not implemented fully?

We know that people have to do the work. And the tone and efficacy of “doing” is determined by the leader, the Entrepreneur.

What is the most important factor impacting the success or failure of a startup or a company? Is it the idea? Is it the product or solution? Is it the demand or size of the market?

Or is it the people behind the idea, people behind the product, behind the solution? People who do the work?

It is the people. And who is the most important person? Which role is the most important one?

The most important person is the Entrepreneur.

We are in this together. Join us. And become a better Entrepreneur.

Join The Entrepreneurial Growth MeetUp Group Today

"A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle." -Buddha

“Entrepreneurship is not to see what happens, it is about making what you see happen.” -Michael Gerber

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