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The Mindful Path to Effortless Money

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• Did you get told that money doesn't buy happiness?

• Do you struggle with feast / famine when it comes to money?

• Do you think that if something doesn't change, you will never be rich?

• Do you want to heal your money / financial self and increase your wealth?

Why would you want to attend this event?

• Learn about the spiritual & energy mechanics of money, and answer 3 core questions that will question your certainty about what you think and know about money. Certainty is a trap when we are not thriving.

• Experience mindfulness and get clear on why and how you can bring this practice into your business and life as a success tool.

• Learn the no. one secret money ritual that will keep your money consciousness frequency on high.

• To understand your own relationship with money through focusing on what you hesitate and resist; the emotional story. With this insider knowledge you can start change it to experience more abundance.

• To start to address the mindset limiter(s) and judgments you have about money that simply stand in your way and impact on how you show up in business. A healthy money mindset supports creativity, visibility, bigger thinking and how you show up in general for your business.

Sarupa Shah has always been intuitive, and one day she realised unless she did something she'd always be skint. She set about learning what brought money into her life (clue it's not just hard work) and she discovered that as an entrepreneur there were things she could do to make her money story complete.

This vibrant talk will help you raise your energy, stop you from being afraid of wealth and show you that women entrepreneurs truly can have it all, if they just know what to do.

In this interactive session, Sarupa Shah will share how understanding the energy of money while implementing mindfulness is a path to business success as well as to money!

Starting of 2014 with a deeper understanding of money will serve you as you serve others through your business.

If you want a 'love/love' relationship with money then this is a **must do** event for you. If you know there is a force which limits your creation of money in the bank, yet everyone tells you what a fabulous business you have, then sign up.

You will be given the tools, tips and insights to change your relationship with money and increase your mindfulness practice and set the scene for your success in 2014. Thriving in business is something that is planned for, not something that happens by accident


"Insightful and intuitive, Sarupa has been on the money in terms of helping me to create fantastic business growth and expansion. Sarupa works in a completely unique spiritual and sleeves-rolled-up practical way; so she's tapped in to what's on my mind and we've put in place some abundant business measures which align exactly to my values and my mission. A perfect guide and a bright star.” Lyndsey Whiteside,“

“I completed a VIP day with Sarupa this year and I found the time I spent with her to be so beneficial. Sarupa has a knack for getting very deep very quickly and it was just what I needed – I was struggling as I was shifting my thinking big time to create my dream business and life. You might find this happens to you – you are ready to take this big leap and suddenly all sorts of obstacles and barriers come up and it can be a really challenging time. That day, Sarupa helped me shape some new distinctions about my life which I use every day and she did this through her bold, forthright, generous and intuitive nature.I would highly recommend working with Sarupa if you want someone to hold your hand and at the same time challenge you to redefine your life and your business.” Yasmin Vorajee, (

"Sarupa has really helped me to uncover my blocks to creating wealth and an abundant mindset. Before we worked together on her money programme, I was preventing myself from expanding into the life and business I desired. From this one programme I had my best financial month ever in business and we continue to grow steadily from this point. I loved the variety of learning Sarupa shared, from meditations, to affirmations and written exercises to coaching calls. The programme was so powerful that I decided to spend a day with Sarupa as a VIP client so I could take things to yet another new level. So far so good, Winning Women has grown from one small networking group in Hampshire to having 5 groups with 100’s of women connecting and collaborating around the country. Sarupa’s intuition and coaching enabled me to gain the clarity needed to bring this to fruition and we continue to grow into our global mission." Allison Marlowe

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