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82 out of 110 people I interviewed recently had no clear understanding how to support themselves and their families in the event of dismissal, retirement or massive economic change.

It was a shock. The work I had put in this group for years encouraged "entrepreneurship". I think now it was too narrow. The new mission is wealth creation. Founding companies is only one way of achieving that.

From June 1st I took Entrepreneurs Anonymous Dublin private. The group will continue to announce offline meetups via this page.

New members will have to be verified. For KYM purposes (Know Your Members) and access to private communication channels all members will need to be connected (send an invite) to my LinkedIn account (https://www.linkedin.com/in/silviupreoteasa/).

What will happen next?

I am initiating a plan for wealth creation from four key points:

1. Employee (making the most of your career choices)
2. Freelancer (building a business around yourself)
3. Entrepreneur (running your own business)
4. Market operator (trading securities and commodities)

I have amazing people in my network who can share practical advice and help.
If YOU want to help or know someone, reach out to me ASAP.

Both myself and other members willing to help have valuable information we can share. If you fit into any of the 4 broad categories above and are interested in wealth creation, this can be the right place to start building our financial independence.

Most of this information will be reserved for members only and rarely shared publicly. Borrowing a concept from a book I've been reading recently (at the recommendation of another group member here), in this new iteration of Entrepreneurs Anonymous we will be pursuing a meritocracy of ideas. We will be challenging the ideas put forward, debate, role-play, backtest and ultimately reach conclusions that will help our members prosper.

I have shared publicly a sample here via LinkedIn. (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/obsolescence-hadoop-seen-investment-opportunity-silviu-preoteasa/) This is for educational purposes only. How to leverage this type of information and a lot more will be the main topic of our conversations. Hopefully many of us will be able to put it to good use and stand to gain from taking an active part in the group.

And last, a reminder about communication channels. In addition to Meetup, you will need a LinkedIn account. Make sure you are connected to me by trying to access this link


It's the same message I posted for my 16,000+ connections on LinkedIn and visible only to them. If you cannot read the content above you MUST send me a connection to be approved and have future access to my private postings and important information shared only with the group members.

For now, let's make sure we have these communications channels open and operational.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

To your continued success,

Silviu Preoteasa

Dublin, June 2019

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