What we're about

The Entrepreneur’s Exchange (EE) is a co-working, networking, socializing, think tank, business card exchange group. It is a totally NEW concept designed to quickly and directly help businesses, people and entrepreneurs find the assets and people they need to advance their business.

Tired of all the networking, meetings, and functions and not meeting the right talented people to help your business grow? Feel like it is a big waste of your time and energy? Are you trying to fill “gaps” in your company’s talent pool? Are you ready to bring some services in house, add staff, rather than paying for outside services with no connection or loyalty to your business? Looking to add more people who care about your business and you? Are you just starting out and have little to no resources (human and non-human) to run or start your business? Thinking about purchasing a resource that could enhance your business but just don’t have the money?

Here is how it works:

There will be an organized/virtual “call board” that all members of this group can have access to. You can add or delete items on the board. This group is trying to organize local talent (Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas) into one pool.

For example: I will post my actual Wants / Needs, Compensation and Resources:

Company Wants / Needs Compensation

Fatt Matt LLC. (2) Materials Engineers Paid position / equity ownership

Fatt Matt LLC. (2) Mechanical Engineers Paid position / equity ownership

Fatt Matt LLC. Retired Engineer/Mentor TBD

Fatt Matt LLC. Packaging expert Part time position project based

Fatt Matt LLC. Website person Part time position

Fatt Matt LLC. Materials Engineer Paid position / equity ownership

Fatt Matt LLC. China Broker Broker fees/commission

Fatt Matt LLC. Social Media/Crowd Funding Part time hourly/project based

Fatt Matt LLC. App Creator

Fatt Matt Contact Mark at igolf4me@rcn.com

Fatt Matt LLC Resources:

Resources are either human or non-human and can be directly offered (referral) by your company to other members of this group as a potential asset. Resources can either be directly or indirectly affiliated by referring company. For example, if you’re in need of a website coordinator then simple scan the list and contact the company offering the resource. Or if you need to make a prototype with a 3D printer but don’t want to buy one find someone who owns one. This list should save a ton of leg work, searching, researching and put good people in touch with each other in a faster manner than what is out there.

Human Non-Human

Mechanical / Design Engineer 3D printer

Branding /Logo/ Marketing expert Solid Works software access

Mold Maker 20 foot flatbed moving trailer

Patent Attorney

Videographer / T-Shirts Supplier

Golf Professional

This group will meet up in person to discuss our real needs openly with each other. (Pizza and beer / wine). The group will meet to get to know each other and have some face to face interaction and socializing. The first meeting will determine call board design, frequency of live meetings, get to know each other, meet and greet, and future goals for the group. No direct selling will be tolerated for this group. If you have any additional ideas or thoughts on how to improve this group please send them directly to me. Thanks in advance for your time and thoughtfulness I hope to help you soon!


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