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Starting up is never easy-and keeping your business thriving is even harder. But when you've got a support system in place, your entrepreneurial journey can be a bit easier. At least that's what we believe. In this group, we don't only provide support system but also events or affordable courses which can definitely help you in your journey. So let's get together for affordable activities in our town!

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(PAID) Learn The Basic Of Finance For Entrepreneur And Small Business

Hai Teman Belajar! Keuangan atau Akuntansi merupakan salah satu pilar yang dibutuhkan dalam membangun bisnis. Namun banyak entrepreneur melewati untuk belajar ini karena bingung harus belajar mulai dari mana. Kelas ini akan membantu para entrepreneur belajar akuntansi atau finance dengan cara yang sederhana dan langsung bisa diterapkan. Workshop ini hanya mengambil materi akuntansi yang bisa langsung diterapkan ke bisnis kalian sehari-hari, seperti basic accounting, cara klasifikasi biaya, depresiasi hingga cara membuat laporan untuk laba rugi. Yuk, daftarkan diri anda sekarang dan sampai jumpa di kelas ya! Teacher: Calvin Lim ************ RSVP: https://maubelajarapa.com/workshop/business-career-upgrade/finance/accounting/learn-the-basic-of-finance-for-entrepreneur-and-small-business-general-edition/ ************

(PAID) Learn How to Negotiate For Sales

Online event

Hi Learners and particularly for any of you who are interested to learn more about sales! Do you struggle to stay focus on your goal during negotiation or discussion? Do you feel that you can’t influence your clients and see the outcomes of their responses? Sometimes, we are surprised by what the other person(s) bring to the table. This class will better equip you in how you can get the best of the meeting and output. You will learn how to structure your meetings, simplify your goals, and to read non-verbal response so that you can influence and predict their next steps. Interesting enough? Join this class now and upgrade yourself as an excellent sales! Teacher: Damy Matheus Heezen, (High-Performance Coach) ************ RSVP: https://maubelajarapa.com/workshop/personal-development/personal-communication/learn-how-to-negotiate-for-sales-online/ ************

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