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What we’re about

We are a community dedicated to supporting businesses to optimize their success, profits and marketing effectiveness.
In this day and age, the experience of the business owner or entrepreneur is one of distraction, unnecessary struggles associated with lack of focus, purpose and direction. We want to create a collaborative environment where we can connect other business owners with others who have a tremendous understanding of what it takes to make a business engine work.
We provide the following types of events:
1. High-quality training and educational mini-workshops.
2. Connection based networking – bringing friendly and ambitious people together.
3. Social events where appropriate.
4. And much more.
Please join our group asap.
We look forward to meeting you.
Sunil Bhaskaran, Lindsay and Stephen Gill, Organizers.
Serving the following communities: Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, North York, Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area
Sunil Bhaskaran, Co-Organizer, is the founder of the Global Business Mastermind - a membership of generous and ambitious visionaries in business who collaborate to build huge audiences, not just locally but globally as well. He is the owner of the largest small business non-tech Meetup community, with over 120,000+ business owners and professionals spread out over major cities in the US and in the UK. He has been a business, marketing & leadership adviser and mentor since 1991 and has published two books on Amazon whilst giving and receiving support from his beautiful wife, Glenda Benevides - a musical producer/singer/songwriter.
"Lindsay Gill is the co-founder of MentureME Inc, a profit improvement firm that has successfully helped many companies worldwide improve their profits by optimizing hidden growth assets and offers a money-back guarantee on their results.
After 15 years of marketing experience, Lindsay realized that many companies need ongoing leadership guidance and support to implement effective marketing systems to boost revenues and profits on a consistent basis.
MentureME Inc multiple successes and services have been featured on numerous media outlets including NBC, Fox News and ABC.
Stephen Gill is the founder of MentureMe Inc., a Profit Improvement Firm that brings unique and innovative marketing solutions to entrepreneurs globally. With over 15 years of experience, he has been a serial entrepreneur, business innovator and marketing implementation strategist who has successfully helped a select portfolio of micro-enterprises across the globe. Stephen passionately believes entrepreneurship will solve the world’s problems and is determined to support innovative micro-enterprises in making their success attainable through implementing their marketing systems. MentureME Inc multiple successes and services have been featured on numerous media outlets including NBC, Fox News and ABC.

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ALIGNABLE free to join:

Please join our Global Small Business School, where you can learn to network effectively in the USA.

We will be adding other courses soon at this link above; Time management, productivity for entrepreneurs, doing effective and compelling
sales presentations, marketing strategy, and much more.  Please go to the link above and join the email list at the bottom of the page if you wish to be alerted.

For more groups to join - Startup & Tech, Social Media, Blogging & Content Marketing, Writing, Social Events & Training,
Worldwide groups to join and much much more, go to

Our twice a month Nationwide Business Networking events (we have people from all over USA, Canada and globally attending)
typically get 30-50 attendees (business professionals and owners).
To learn more, please go to

To get a list of all our business networking and educational groups and to learn about them or join them, please go to  and scroll down to see the list.

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