Online Guerrilla Marketing and Lead Generation. With Niro Knox

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Entrepreneurs In London
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I'm SUPER excited to announce that we have landed one of the biggest online marketing geniuses that I've met.

Niro Knox is a Rockstar and have a successful social media marketing
agency that landed 300 clients in the first 18 months including a
mega conglomerate with £1,7 BILLION in annual turnover.

Niro shows you how to make the web your playground and how
to tap into huge databases and get your business in front of
the right eyes, weather it's other businesses or consumers.

In this unique talk you will learn

* How Niro literally pushes a button to create FREE leads within minutes or hours. (Using cheap software)

* How he started to generate 100 super qualified leads a day within one week of starting a campaign

* How to use advanced tech to find data of your perfect target market

* How to automate email marketing to the cold market without spamming.

* How to ensure your accounts doesn't get shut down.

* What's the difference between B2B and B2C marketing

* How to get over 50% open rates on emails

* The Old Dumb Marketing vs the New Smarter Cheaper Way

* How he used his methods to get over 300 radio interviews for his band

More about our speaker.

Niro Knox is an entrepreneur and founder of SocialWorx, an Instagram marketing agency which he grew to over £350,000 per annum in just 18 months.

Niro is also the Lead Guitarist of the rock group 'KilliT' and plays on tours around the world. With his unique unconventional approach to life, Niro has a different take on sales and marketing and over and over again proved that being different and boundaryless - will often give you
the advantage over what everyone else is doing.