• Accelerate Your Success Using Masterminds. With Author Brad Hart

    Mastermind groups have been used by the wealthiest people on the planet to get what many describe as an unfair advantage. For myself they have been the biggest transformational force in my life and career. So it's my great pleasure to give you Brad Hart; one of the worlds leading experts on running masterminds and an exceptional entrepreneur With 20 years as an entrepreneur and 16 years managing wealth under his belt, Brad is committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors reach their full potential, so they can focus on solving the grand challenges of our time. Having gained extensive experience in real estate, investments, trading, marketing, sales and peak performance strategy, he’s built and helped build several companies, growing revenues and profits into the millions of dollars. His hedge fund, Hartwood Capital, returned 106% in profit in a single year. From co-leading a mastermind of 52 people in China and Hong Kong, to holding mastermind groups in Bali, Italy, Greece and all over the US, Brad has been a part of 28 masterminds and started 10 himself, including a local weekly mastermind group with 500 members. Brad is a founding member of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) speaking/training team led by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, a community and self education movement which has helped tens of thousands of people to launch their own masterminds. Build A Mastermind (or BAM for short) is Brad’s favorite initiative, helping entrepreneurs to add $100k+ to their businesses in profit per year with only 5-10 hours a month ongoing time commitment.

  • Virtual Business Lunch over Zoom.

    Online event

    Our virtual meetups are simply a way to stay connected and get to know new awesome founders and entrepreneurs in our community. Your Network = Your Net Worth Especially in challenging times like these your connections can mean a world of difference, so come and join in for about 1 hour over lunch. To make sure it will be effective, we only allow established businesses and you will have to apply here. http://patrickmpowers.com/virtual-business-lunch We are keeping the numbers low as we want to allow for time to really get to know each other. Please be there from the beginning and please make sure you don't have too much back ground noise.

  • The Strange But True Story About How I Made My First Million On The Internet

    Presenting one of the most interesting, unusual and out-of-the-box entrepreneurs I've ever encountered. Tellman Knudson has been a Serial entrepreneur for 24 years (since he was 19) and experienced business failure after failure until he discovered Email Marketing... The year was 2003 and...and as a small-town New England Hypnotherapist in the USA and his time was maxed-out working with Weight Loss clients one-on-one... He needed a way of breaking free from his local, suppressed economy... Like most Therapists, Coaches and Consultants... He needed to get some leverage in his business so that he wasn't stuck selling his time... And then in the most unlikely of circumstances he discovered "the blueprint" that showed him how to break-free from the daily grind and Skyrocket his business to Million Dollar status in a years time... He's sharing his story on how he made the shift and went on to do millions and millions of dollars in sales in his various companies year after year since... With 17 years of compounding Email Marketing success, Tellman is THE GUY to talk to if you're looking break-free yourself and build the online business of your dreams... Join us for this One-Time-Only evening Live-Stream of Entrepreneurial Inspiration, Motivation & Transformation:

  • How To Be a Successful Property Investor Using NONE Of Your Own Money

    If you want to create extra passive income on the side of what you are already doing, this webinar training could be the single most important you will join this year... maybe in your life. Imagine living anywhere on the planet and simply using a laptop buying properties that give you an immediate positive cashflow, WITH OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. That's exactly what my friend Marco is doing. He buys properties like apartments, town-homes, duplexes, hotels, trailer parks – stable healthy rental opportunities that give you instant positive cash-flow. What's really amazing is that you can acquire these properties using NONE of your own money. Marco now has hundreds of people all over the planet using his system and on average they retire in about 3 years. With the current corona crisis there has never been a better time to get properties for huge discounts and Marco expect decrease the time to retirement by 2 or even 3 times. You will be able to do this working from anywhere in your spare-time, on the side of whatever business or career you have. Check out a short FB live I did with Marco recently https://www.facebook.com/EntrepreneursInLondon/videos/3824596407615825/ PLEASE NOTE.. THIS IS A SERIOUS 4 HOUR WEBINAR AND ONLY 60 PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED ON, so book early and be sure to also be on the webinar FROM THE BEGINNING. You definitely don't want to lose a single word from Marco. More about our trainer Marco Kozlowski Marco has led real estate investment trainings all over the world, from Australia to Singapore to North America and Europe He is the proof that with the right strategies the sky is the limit. He has gone from homeless to financially free using a super elegant strategy that relies on buying rental properties purchased with Other peoples money. He doesn’t do house flipping. He doesn’t look for drug dens, burnt out buildings, or rotting, infested homes left over from reality TV shows. He buys and owns properties like apartments, town-homes, duplexes, hotels, trailer parks – stable rental opportunities that are healthy, and that the owners need to sell. Today, in this rapidly changing environment, Marco and his students buy properties and secure instant positive cash-flow using the very same system he’s going to share in this training.

  • Help prospects make "yes" decisions in 15 seconds. With Tom "Big AL" Schreiter

    Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, is a legend in the small business and direct selling world. He the author of over 40 books that has sold MILLIONS. The has travelled to over 100 countries and spoken to millions of people. Its a very unique pleasure for us to have Tom come and share his secrets to get more YES decisions faster He will cover: The 5 steps the human mind execute to make a decision. If we do these steps in the proper order, decisions are effortless. Forget long sales presentations. Forget videos, PowerPoint and brochures. Help your prospects make "yes" decisions in the first 15 seconds. Tom is already more or less retired so this might be our last chance to experience this true living legend. TRUST ME ON THIS.. YOU WANT TO BE THERE :) Join us on Zoom here at 11a https://us02web.zoom.us/j/96542419322 More about out expert guest. Tom "Big Al" Schreiter is a direct selling veteran with over 48 years of experience. With 40+ books written on the word-for-word skills, he shows beginning and experienced business owners how to talk to prospects. A favorite speaker at company conventions, he takes listeners into prospects' minds, and shows them exactly how they think. With a mixture of humor and exact skills, he shows entrepreneurs how to turn their personal motivation and excitement into an effective business. His travel schedule has taken him to speak in over 100 countries around the world. From the jungles of Indonesia to the frozen tundra of Siberia, Tom teaches networkers the latest brain science techniques on prospecting, presenting, and closing.

  • Take your networking to the next level. Networking Q and A with Patrick Powers

    Over the last 17 years a huge part of my business has been developed on a foundation of networking skills. I think this quote by top internet marketer Eben Pagen says it all: "Being connected is the single most important key to success now and in the future." So why do most people get little to no business from networking? They are simply fundamentally approaching it the wrong way. So In this session I'm going to reveal some of the deepest secrets to success with networking. But instead of doing a set presentation I will take questions from the audience. This will be streamed live from our Facebook group on Sunday at 2PM. If you are not already a member Join the fb group ahead of time here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FounderNation/ (If you only join last minute I wont have time to approve your membership) Also please pose your questions in the FB group ahead of time under the event. First come first served Some of the questions asked may need some clarification so you will get a chance to be in the hot seat and be with me live to get my more specific feedback.

  • How To Rebound From The Current Crisis Stronger Than Ever.

    Online event

    How you think about this crisis could decide whether your business dies, survives or thrives. So I've invited one of UK's top empowerment and mindset coaches and THE leading UK Firewalking instructor to come and share his secrets about rebound quickly from the challenges of life. It's no other than Steve Consalvez who has appeared on The One Show, Bloomberg, Channel 5, BBC News, Radio 5 live and Radio 4, ITV, several TV shows and has assisted in the making of two films using firewalking as well as receiving awards for his international work as a Firewalking Ambassador. You will discover; - Why keeping an UNbalanced sense of perspective can give you an edge. - How to build and retain an audacious plans to thrive, instead of just thriving. - How to build a bullet-proof mindset. - How you can gain market share NOW even before lockdown ends. - What to do to LEAP out of lockdown the moment it's over Stronger than ever. And.. much more. See you on the webinar. Cheers - Patrick Powers

  • Secrets to Pivoting Quickly. With Best-selling Author Andrew Priestley

    The Covid19 lockdown has had an unprecedented effect on commerce. Businesses are having to pivot their product and service offering but how do you do it and importantly also why. We are in a season of failing fast where prolific beats perfect. But while telling you to pivot is obvious, how do you pivot in a way that is meaningful to you and your business and your brand values? In this practical workshop you will be given a format for pivoting that Andrew uses worldwide with clients to build sustainable growth, high performing businesses. Please understand Andrews clients pay a lot of money for this structure … and make a lot of money. So you are encouraged to come to workshop with paper and pens, and open mind and a willingness to lean in. If there was ever a time to fully engage this is it. The good news is the format is so clearly set out you will leave this workshop with a blueprint for tapping your brand vales and adjusting or pivoting your product and service offering - maybe even your business model. Andrew asks just one thing: “His clients pay a lot of money for this material because it works and you will be getting it for free. If you get value from this workshop he ask if you can please donate something to https://www.clear-sky.org.uk/ About Our Trainer Andrew Priestley mentors established entrepreneurial leaders worldwide; is qualified in Industrial and organisational psychology, lectures in Entrepreneurial Leadership at CASS London School of Business and is an award winning business coach. He is a bestselling author of The Money Chimp, Starting, How Money Flows Through Your Business and Fit For Purpose Leadership, and a publisher. His most recent book Remote Working is a multiple expert author bestseller He is a sought after speaker and trainer and In addition he is the Chairman of Clear Sky Childrens Charity UK which provides pay therapy for children aged 4-12 who have witnessed or directly experienced a trauma. His hobbies are boasting, cooking … and eating. And growing grapes. I'm seriously looking forward for this as I've JUST had a coaching session with him and it was easily the best 2 hours I've ever invested. See you on Saturday morning. Until then stay safe and sound - Patrick M. Powers

  • Entrepreneurs Virtual Brunch over Zoom.

    Online event

    Our virtual meetups are simply a way to stay connected and get to know new awesome founders and entrepreneurs in our community. Your Network = Your Net Worth Especially in challenging times like these your connections can mean a world of difference, so come and join in for about 40 minutes over brunch. We are keeping the numbers lower this time as we want to allow for time to really get to know each other. Please be there from the beginning and please make sure you don't have too much back ground noise.

  • Simple Negotiation Tactics. How To Easily Save 10% on Most Business Purchases

    If you give me 30 minutes I'll give you my brain-dead-simple formula I've used to negotiate price and get as much as 77% discount off the quoted price. Rarely do I get less than 10% discount on anything I purchase for my business and I've even been using it for my own personal purchases in a lot of cases. These tactics are SO Simple you will literally be able to go from this webinar with the skills and insights you need to use them with deadly efficiency and potentially save tens of thousands a year. One of my students negotiated his rent down from £110/week to £80/week. That's a saving of £1560 per year!!! (This guy was literally a college student and I only trained him for 15 minutes) I highly doubt you will ever learn a more practical or quicker way to save lots of money....money you can use to invest in expanding your business. BTW this is going to be super FUN so join me on Saturday 4th of April at 11am. It will only be about 30-40 minutes so make sure you join from the beginning. REPLAY WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/640419718 Meeting ID:[masked] Cant wait to share this with you - Until then. Stay positive and stay safe. Cheers - Patrick Powers