• Growth Hacking: What does it mean for your business?

    Original Campus

    This week Fernando Parra will be guest speaking at Original Campus, sharing his knowledge on ‘Growth Hacking: What does it mean for your start-up?’ at 2pm. Fernando Parra is a business IT professional with years of experience in business data and start-ups. Beginning his career as a consultant in KPMG, Accenture and MicroStrategy in business analytics, Fernando grew his career in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His wide range of knowledge on product growth and growth hacking will be an essential help to any entrepreneur. Growth hacking has quickly grown over the years as a favourable marketing strategy, vital to the accelerating of business growth. Growth hacking uses experimentation across various channels to determine the most effective way to scale and grow business. If you want to learn more or have any questions for Fernando, make sure you register for this meetup!

  • Postgraduate Expo

    Needs a location

    We are pleased to invite members of Hub to La Trobe University’s Postgraduate Expo series. Considering La Trobe University offers a wide range of highly accredited Business courses such as the Master of Management, we thought this event would be beneficial for you and your networks who are looking to move further in their career. They’ll also have the chance to network over refreshments with potential employers, have a new LinkedIn profile photo taken and discover how postgrad study will build on your current skills and boost your career. This is an outstanding opportunity to hear from inspiring public speakers including author Turia Pitt, the Carlton Football Club’s Adrian Asdagi and technology entrepreneur Ally Watson, as well as our world-class academics, researchers and industry partners. Please register your attendance on one of the following dates: Thursday 10 October (10am – 4pm) La Trobe University Bundoora Campus | Union Hall Wednesday 23 October (5pm – 9pm) - RACV CLUB |Level 17, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne Visit https://www.latrobe.edu.au/study/postgrad/expo to find out more and register.

  • Meet Ray Corcoran; Practical Entrepreneurship Info Night

    It’s time to work on your dreams! Meet Ray Corcoran – International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert. Please get your tickets via Eventbrite as this is a third party organised event: https://preview.tinyurl.com/yxm5ahy2 Original Campus is here to enable individuals to create successful businesses and become tomorrow’s leaders. Our new program is tailored to individuals who are passionate about creating their own dream business and committed to making things happen by taking action. It is Practical Entrepreneurship, where we will work together to create your business in a lean and effective way. At the end of the program you will be operating a business and focused on growing! During this night, we will take you through the entire program and its structure, timeframes and outcomes. You will be able given a clear picture of the journey that you will undertake to turn your idea into a sustainable business. We will also welcome an amazing speaker to Original Campus. He is a clear example of how viable (and hard-working) entrepreneurship could be and how you can transition from your current situation to a fulfilling life. Meet Ray Corcoran – International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert. Ray Corcoran is an experienced business growth consultant and international speaker. He helps driven business owners increase revenue and profit using proven growth strategies. Over the last 12 years he's worked with 1000+ businesses across 100+ industries and has also worked with top tier corporates including Optus, McDonald’s Australia, Leighton and Woolworths Group. He has been featured in the Australian Financial Review, The Sun Herald, Startup Daily and many leading marketing blogs. If you are ready to transform your life and develop a sustainable business, we have the tools, the team and the attitude to make it happen. Come and join us on this exciting night!

  • New to Australia complete guide to start a business

    The Kelvin Club

    Are you new to Australia? Do you have a business idea to launch in Australia and do not know where to start? This session is for all the people who arrived here in last few years (months!) and want to start a business and struggle to get their head around all of the requirements and also start points. This is specifically a perfect session for you if you are: - Immigrated to Australia recently - International student - Looking for Investment, Business and Innovation visa - Have a passion for your business, but don't know where to start We'll discuss the following topics in this session: * The essential requirements before starting a business including legislations * What kind of businesses to look for? * Industry research guideline * Who is your target market? * Money and finance * Lots of other interesting discussions! This is also a great chance to chat with other like-minded people and explore your thoughts and receive feedback. Don't miss out on this opportunity which can be a life-changing for you!

  • Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Product Management

    Academy Xi Melbourne

    Gone are the days of requiring sophisticated qualifications in order to step foot in the tech industry. In fact, as more companies understand the value of skills and diverse thinking, there has been increased inclusion for those from different cultural and professional backgrounds. For someone not in the exciting world of tech, how can you explore a career in technology and stand out in the market? At our event, Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Technology, we’ll explore: - The opportunities for someone with a diverse background to explore a career in Product Management - What progress some leading companies have done as part of their diversity and inclusion agendas - How as someone from a diverse background can use their experiences to stand out in the market - How diverse backgrounds and schools of thought can contribute towards more user-friendly and intuitive products Speakers Olga Drobysheva Product Manager MYOB Olga Drobysheva is currently a Product Manager at MYOB. With a colourful professional experience spanning over 10 years, Olga has led IT projects in web development, e-Commerce, online publishing and education, electronic payment processing, and online platform experience. Using lean and agile frameworks, Olga is a creative problem solver and enjoys breaking down complex problems into digestible solutions that address user's needs. Sandy Buchanan Product Manager at Curve Tomorrow Sandy currently works as a Product Manager for Curve Tomorrow - one of Australia's leading healthcare technology companies. He has a passion for human centred design, entrepreneurship and the use of these in shaping the future of healthcare. Sandy's had a wealth of experience from paralegal to opening a restaurant, and most recently before Curve Tomorrow, he was the GM of a wellbeing and mental health startup in Melbourne. These experiences have given Sandy a true appreciation of the power of diversity and inclusion in every facet of work and life. Aseel Hamarneh Senior Product Manager at Culture Amp Aseel is a Senior Product Manager at Culture Amp. She worked with start ups and big international companies in the Middle East, Europe and now Australia. She started off as a developer then moved to Product Marketing and finally became a Product Manager. Christine Yap Product Owner at Shout For Good Christine is a Product Owner at Shout For Good, a subsidiary of ANZ. Shout is a zero commission digital fundraising platform that is on a mission to change the way the world gives by integrating giving into our everyday, bringing communities and charities together using innovation and technology. With a background in user experience and design, Christine is relatively new in the project management space but believes having a strong design focus brings a different perspective to product management.

  • How to Build a Business With Purpose

    Academy Xi Melbourne

    With the rise of the sustainability agenda amongst businesses and supply chains, the fashion industry has seen a surge in recyclable and eco-conscious products While using business as a force for good is becoming increasingly popular, what does it really mean to build a business with purpose? How do you balance purpose and profit? How do you communicate your purpose effectively to the people that you work with? Academy XI and LUNA have come together to bring an event series on SCALING IMPACT. In this 3-part series, we will provide you with the steps and practical knowledge that you need in order to start building a purpose-driven and impactful business. Speakers: Nicolette Ranieri Co-founder and COO of YourGrocer Nicolette is leader with a diverse background spanning international aid and development, startups and social enterprises. She co-founded Thankyou Group, built the ASRC's business incubator and currently serves as COO and co-founder of YourGrocer. Courtney Holm Founder of A.BCH Courtney Holm is the founder of A.BCH, an independent fashion label founded on transparency and circular design. Creating highly considered fashion and lifestyle pieces for an enduring wardrobe, A.BCH is making responsible fashion desirable while removing many of the barriers customers face when seeking out healthier alternatives.

  • The Power of PR for Startups

    Academy Xi Melbourne

    PR — or public relations is an important component of growing any startup’s brand and its target customers and the wider community. Navigating your startups PR can be a confusing web — when do you need PR, how do you engage a PR agency, and how can you employ PR support with breaking the bank? At our panel, The Power of PR for Startups, we’ll explore: - Does your startup require PR? - How startups can use PR to support your growth without breaking the budget - At what stage should your startup seek PR support? - When do startups need agencies? Speakers: Boden Westover Director of Marketing at Catapult Sports Boden Westover is the Director of Marketing at Catapult Sports. A former professional basketball player for the Melbourne Tigers, Boden has spent the last 6 years leading Catapult’s marketing efforts. Catapult is a sports technology company that works on wearables and GPS tracking for over 1800 elite sports team with the aim to improve player performance and reduce injury. Boden’s challenge has been to attract attention and clients in an extremely competitive global market, and Catapult’s success reflects his efforts. Alex Lefley Director at Edelman Alex Lefley has been working in PR and communications for over a decade, the last eight specialising in integrated marketing. As the Director for the Melbourne Brand team, Alex brings extensive communications experience to the table from across automotive, energy, beverage, sports and consumer technology space. Alex has run a number of award winning campaigns, most recently winning a Mumbrella BEFest Award for the Shell V-Power Racing VR Pit-stop, a fully integrated VR experience bringing to life Shell’s sponsorship in the motorsport space. He has extensive experience across sponsorship negotiation and activation, working with Fitibit to define their Australian sponsorships as well as bringing to life sponsorships for Shell, adidas, Gillette and Aviva. In addition to working at Edelman, Alex lectures at the University of Melbourne teaching an advanced practical module for the Masters of Marketing Communications degree. Felicia Coco Co-Founder at LaunchLink.co Felicia Coco is the co-founder of LaunchLink Communications, a boutique PR agency operating in Australia, APAC and the USA. Felicia is an experienced PR practitioner specialising in strategic storytelling, branding, communications advisory and publicity campaigns for technology companies, startups and innovators. She works with local and international clients and leads PR programs for some of the most respected technology companies across Silicon Valley, the United Kingdom and Australia. David Swan Technology Reporter at The Australian David Swan is a technology reporter with Australia's national broadsheet newspaper The Australian, with a specific focus on startups, publicly listed companies and Silicon Valley. He appears regularly as a technology commentator on national television on Channel Ten's The Project, and on radio on Radio National's RN Drive program, as well as at conferences and live events. He was awarded Australia's best technology issues journalist at the 2019 IT Journalism awards, and is The Australian's go-to reporter for big breaking technology stories. Previous roles include technology reporter at independent IT news website iTWire, and at News Corp publication Technology Spectator. Matthew Wu Consumer and Tech PR Media Manager at Telstra Matthew Wu is a multi award-winning tech and startup PR pro with 10 years' of expertise. He has worked with Samsung, PayPal, Braintree, ASUS, and several Australian startups (from Seed to Series B). He's currently doing PR for Telstra. Matthew won the best media relations practitioner award at the 2015 and 2016 IT Journalism Awards (and was highly commended in 2017 and 2018). In 2017, he was also named in B&T Magazine's 30 under 30 in PR. Matthew has a Master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Technology, Sydney.

  • Workshop: From Problem to Product

    Academy Xi Melbourne

    It’s not uncommon to believe that the best products are created from a creative spark of genius and have the perfect conditions that lead to their success. More of than not, a successful product is born from the detailed analysis of a problem which is broken down and built up into a final product solution. So how you do go about breaking down everyday problems in order to create functional, user-friendly products that meet people’s needs? From Problem to Product: Why the best way to create a product is to break it and build it again, will explore: - Learn how to dissect everyday problems and break them down into smaller components - Work through creating a product plan and how to execute on delivering a successful product Presenter: Olga Drobysheva Product Manager MYOB Olga Drobysheva is currently a Product Manager at MYOB. With a colourful professional experience spanning over 10 years, Olga has led IT projects in web development, e-Commerce, online publishing and education, electronic payment processing, and online platform experience. Using lean and agile frameworks, Olga is a creative problem solver and enjoys breaking down complex problems into digestible solutions that address user's needs.

  • Innovation Toolkit, understanding elements of innovation and their importance

    These days, innovation is a buzzword that many brands are using to promote and grow their businesses. For a select few, the type of innovation employed provides a unique value proposition that makes them stand out from competitors. Yet many other businesses’ do not know how to direct their innovation efforts to succeed. What makes some businesses innovation efforts successful, whilst others fall by the wayside? At our event, Understanding an Innovation Toolkit: The Key to a Successful Business, we’ll discuss: What is innovation? What is innovation intelligence? Why organisations and businesses need innovation? Introduction to some innovation tools

  • Why NBA's Mark Cuban invested in Melbourne Startup Catapult

    Mark Cuban, American investor and investor in the NBA invested in a Melbourne startup named Catapult. What was it about this startup that captured Cuban’s attention, and how can you replicate the same success for your idea? Join us and hear from Boden Westover, a Director of Marketing who serves clients such as the Wallabies, Chelsea F.C, and the NBL and learn how you can use content and marketing to drive success. The session will cover: How Catapult; a sports technology company landed Mark Cuban as an investor How to go from a single-product provider company to a full-stack technology solution Marketing and success tips growing an Australian brand in overseas markets utilising PR and workshops Presented by: Boden Westover Director of Marketing at Catapult Sports