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It's an official Envato meetup group for Vilnius - capital in Lithuania ( EnvatoVilnius.lt ), combined with Vilnius WordPress meetup ( WPVilnius.lt ). And the most trending parts about Envato in Lithuania is CodeCanyon (plugins) and ThemeForest (themes) marketplaces, that are dominated by WordPress, as well AudioJungle, that is really popular between musicians. The usage of WordPress in Lithuania is trending - over 80% of websites built here, runs on WordPress. Of over 30,000+ web developers in Lithuania, more than 25,000 of them are familiar with WordPress, and that's way above even the world's average, where over 34% of the all website on the internet runs on WordPress.


As from organizers perspective do not hesitate to ask even the most complex questions, as you will get answers - this meetup group is leaded by Software Architect with QS TOP-500 University Degree (Vilnius University), who spend part of his life in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Sydney by scaling at large the WordPress startups there, who works with WordPress since 2005, and who did developed and MIT open-sourced the S.O.L.I.D. MVC framework in 2016, to convert C# and Java professional developers to WordPress in 1 day and keep writing the object-oriented MVC code they used to a day before. It is available via W.org as "Expandable FAQ" plugin.


In additional - the organizer is a cybersecurity expert and strong-believer in security-first development principle, so do not hesitate to ask if you have doubts on how to secure your own website or your plugin's or theme's code.


After each event we will have 15 minutes for free non-technical consultations about Buying, Selling & Being an Author on Envato, and technical & non-technical consultations on WordPress / PHP / CSS / OOP / MVC / JS / jQuery / React / Caching / Varnish / Speed Optimization etc. Consultations are given by experienced software architects with Silicon Valley background, so expect for professional advises. The consultations runs on First-Come, First-Serve basis via organizer e-mail, meaning that we announce that on the moment when a new meetup is scheduled.


We love you to hear you speaking in our event, but keep in mind that it cannot be a 'self-promotional' or 'company-promotional' presentation, while the case studies (of i.e. 'how did you managed to deliver that large project on time') are fully OK as long as it can be applied for majority in general. We are also fully OK that you'd have your contact details of yourself and your company at the last slide, but that has to be only contact details, and not the product presentations etc. Also there should be no slides in presentation to promote your product, while general world-accepted products use are fully OK (like Photoshop or Canva) as long as you can clearly describe how this tool did helped you to reach your goals much faster or much cheaper than without using it.

In additional - if you are plugin or theme developer, the general good rule of the business is that your plugin or theme shall-not pre-install, send data to or promote any other plugins, themes or external services without explicit agreement of your plugin or theme user, unless it is must-have for i.e. demo-data import or plugin-activation purposes (and your user did gave you an explicit consent to submit / collect his data - mostly this means 'a checkbox' right before the submit button).


In general this meetup group of local Envato authors & customers, that are developers, designers, lectors, animators, producers, musicians, photographers and videographers who get together to share their knowledge and experience, and to meet other Envato authors & customers in the area. This Envato Meetup is open to all who love Envato — feel free join us!

Learn more about Envato Meetups at https://community.envato.com/envato-leaders/

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WordPress Fall 2019 / Vilnius (2nd Edition)

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