Hello - we are looking for badminton players for a regular Thursday evening game. We play at the Rainbow Leisure Centre - East Street, Epsom Leisure Centre You do not need to be a member

Over 18s only

Parking is £2 for 2 hours - but £1.70 is refunded at reception

We play with up to 5 players per court where 4 people play doubles and take it in turns to sit out.

Cost of the game is £2 each

Please arrive early to ensure we start on time

The aim is to get 5 players and play doubles with one player sitting out for each game. We will play short games so you don't wait too long. All you need to bring is a racquet

The ability level is for people who have played before and is a social game aimed at improvers. The games are just for fun.

Please join the waitlist if the event is full. If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to ask