What we're about

Erlang/OTP is a battle-tested programming language, VM and platform for building concurrent, scalable, non-stop server-side applications.

Elixir is a functional language on top of Erlang VM. It has a pleasant syntax influenced by Ruby. It supports pattern matching, meta-programming, polymorphism, and all of Erlang/OTP.

Meet others who love programming in Erlang/Elixir, share information, and swap your war stories. If you are excited about Erlang or Elixir and want to meet other like-minded folks, or if you just want to see them become more popular, then join this group.

Ideas for talks are most welcome. What would people like to hear about?

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Past events (7)

Distributed Messaging With Ease - RapidAPI

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Bring the Israeli Elixir community together

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Handling millions of connections in Cowboy using Elixir

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