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Erlang & Elixir Ireland
Erlang & Elixir Ireland
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Folks, this April Erlang is going back to its birthplace (disclaimer not the real one) and we'll be hosting the meetup at Ericsson's office.

And we're going to have Sultan Bou Hamdan as our main speaker for the night:

Sultan Bou Hamdan is a Senior Architect in Ericsson with 10 years of global experience. He has worked with major Ericsson customers in several markets. Most recently, he has specialised in Telco Cloud transformation and related technologies including Open Stack & VMWare. Sultan is an accomplished basketball player and currently plays with UCD Marian team in the Dublin league.
Sultan will talk about distributed computing, concurrency, high availability and event handling in Erlang. He will also demonstrate the SIP protocol code used in Mobile telephony including code testing using eUnit and common tests.

Lightning Talk:

From Rails to Phoenix - Kevin Fagan recently migrated his personal project to Phoenix. He's going to share the reasons as well as his journey on it.