• Embedded Application on the Erlang VM
    In this presentation Chris Coté of the National Association of Realtors will dive into Nodeponics - an automation system for aquaponic systems. It runs on small embedded computers such as a RaspberryPi (https://www.raspberrypi.org/). At it's core Nodeponics is a UDP server and client that communicates with a Particle.io Photon (https://www.particle.io/products/hardware/photon-wifi-dev-kit) based control system,SensorNode (https://github.com/entone/SensorNode) Nodeponics monitors and controls several water quality measurements, such as temperature, Dissolved Oxygen and PH. Along with logging data to local DETS tables, it also saves timelapse images to Amazon S3 for later viewing. It provides a simple web frontend for monitoring which provides Websocket and MJPEG interfaces for data display and control. Nodeponics is built using Elixir (http://elixir-lang.org/) and Nerves (http://nerves-project.org/) - however it makes extensive use of core Erlang platform features including OTP.

    National Association of Realtors

    430 North Michigan Avenue #2 · Chicago, IL

  • Erlang Patterns Part Deux
    In our summer edition of Chicago Erlang we'll revisit the important topics of patterns in Erlang. This is a followup to our November 2015 meetup, which was on a blustery cold Chicago night and we got distracted by type systems and bijon frises. We'll spend time moving erlangpatterns.org forward by capturing new patterns that we like (and anti-patterns that we dislike) as well as refining existing content. This is a great topic for advanced Erlangers and those who are learning - it bypasses technical arcane knowledge and emphasizes human emotion as the indicator of great wisdom!

    National Association of Realtors

    430 North Michigan Avenue #2 · Chicago, IL

  • Build Your Own Web Framework in Erlang
    Erlang is literally _the_ best language for front end web development! And while it's technical merits loom large over prevailing web languages Ruby, Python, and PHP, Erlang is not commonly viewed as a web programming language. In this installment of Chicago Erlang we'll build a custom web framework in Erlang from scratch! You'll learn the basics of HTTP and how incrementally build a full fledged web application in Erlang without the help of a giant framework like Rails or Django.


    180 N LaSalle Drive, Floor 5 · Chicago, IL

  • Erlang Fundamentals in 90 Minutes - Part II the Second 90 Minutes
    Part II of the series "Erlang Fundamentals in 90 Minutes" is on the board! We'll continue our presentation on essentials Part I and cover process management, error handling, libraries, and tools. This is a another perfect chance to get up to speed on one of the most powerful languages for building unattended systems (web sites, data services, transaction processing, etc.)


    661 W Lake St 3NE · Chicago, IL

  • Erlang Fundamentals in 90 Minutes
    We waited until it got warm again but Chicago Erlang is back with a vengeance! For our May episode we're getting back to basics with a crash course on Erlang fundamentals. This is a perfect chance to get up to speed on one of the most powerful languages for building unattended systems (web sites, data services, transaction processing, etc.)


    661 W Lake St 3NE · Chicago, IL

  • Erlang Patterns - November 2015
    We will spend the evening diving into Erlang Patterns: http://www.erlangpatterns.org We'll briefly walk through the concept of patterns, according to Christopher Alexander who invented them, and how they can apply to Erlang programming. We'll then break up into working groups to create and refine content from the site. If you're new to Erlang this is unique opportunity to learn about the language using patterns, which are non-technical on one hand, and very technical on the other. If you've got some Erlang experience, this is a great chance to contribute to a growing body of patterns that can be used by all far and wide. In any case, you'll have a blast and learn a ton! Be there!


    231 South LaSalle Street · Chicago, IL

  • Build Your Own Open Source Big Data Platform in 10 minutes for $10 w/Riak KV
    We're supporting our blood kin - second cousins - the Riak user group by co-listing an exciting meetup on Oct 20! Here are the details on this fantastic talk. 6:30 Doors Open - Drinks, food and mingling 6:45 Community Updates - New code, upcoming events 7:00 Main Talk 8:00 Wrap up The team at Physiq would like you walk you through how they build on the cheap. Talk Description: Build a turnkey, completely open source big data key-value solution using a Riak KV cluster in 10 minutes for $10. During this presentation, we will demonstrate building a Riak KV cluster via automating scripting on Google Cloud. The stack will include a 5 node Riak KV cluster, performance monitoring via Zabbix, log administration using the ELK stack, and load balancing via HAProxy, all orchestrated via Salt and Terraform. You will then see a demonstration of how to load test the cluster with data. About the Speakers: PhysIQ (pronounced Phys-IQ)is healthcare’s first personalized physiology data analytics platform. PhysIQ is designed to track and integrate multiple vital signs to detect clinically meaningful changes against an individual baseline, rather than a population-based “norm.”


    20 N Upper Wacker Dr #1200 · Chicago, IL

  • Chicago Erlang 2015
    This year we're doing a two track all day workshop! Advanced or beginner, you will learn yourself some Erlang for great good! We have instructors lined up for two concurrent tracks: • Track 1 - Essentials and Distribution • Track 2 - Internet of Things App Build Our instructors: • Martin Logan (OTP In Action, Erlang Camp) • Fred Hebert (Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good) • Brian Troutwine (AdRoll, Chicago Erlang) • Garrett Smith (Chicago Erlang) We're very excited and honored to be hosted by our friends at National Association of Realtors this year. They have an amazing space that's perfect for workshops! This is a day-long event and we will supply lunch, coffee, tea, and other drinks, along with power-ups for morning and afternoon breaks. This is a great, strike that - super amazing great! - opportunity to advance your Erlang skills. Whether you're new to the language or a seasoned pro, you will get a ton of value for your Saturday investment. And it will be a total bast! Please note that, like last year, we have to charge for this event. This helps cover our costs and ensure that your experience is top notch! You can expect the same quality of content that you've grown to love from Chicago Erlang! Please register on our Eventbrite page: http://chicago-erlang-2015.eventbrite.com

    National Association of Realtors

    430 North Michigan Avenue #4 · Chicago, IL

  • City Code Chicago 2015
    City Code is a one day tech conference in Chicago on Friday Oct 9 featuring a diverse range of programming and other STEM topics. The conference is small by design, emphasizing quality content over quantity - and a bit of performance flair as it's held in the world famous Second City Theater! Talk topics include lambda calculus, history of programming, unikernels, code and mathematics - even a guest appearance by Dr. Deborah Harris from Fermilab on neutrinos! (Shhhh - don't tell anyone this, Garrett here, we've stacked this conference with Erlang speakers!!) Details are on the site: http://chicago.citycode.io The conference is reasonably priced at $99 [1] for the day, which includes lunch and coffee breaks. There's also a surprise performance by a mystery speaker at the end! Chicago Erlang has been given a special extra good promotional code! Be sure to use this when you register: ErlangRules2015 This promises to be a one-of-a-kind event that will jump start your creative thinking in a number of important areas - and it will be a total blast! [1] $99 is a limited quantity offer. If you're planning to attend, be sure to get your tickets soon as the price jumps to $119 for once the current block sells out.

    Second City

    1616 N Wells St · Chicago

  • Erlang Elixir Family Reunion
    Did you know we have blood relatives living in Chicago? It's true! Elixir is a language that compiles to code for the Erlang VM, shares many of Erlang's libraries, adds lots of new features and has the best build tools on the block! And while Erlang is superior in every way, it doesn't stop us from welcoming this clan into our family with open arms! On Sept 17 we're holding a family reunion, with a talk to bring both groups together under a common banner. Irina Guberman - a long time Chicago Erlang member - will share her experience using Elixir and it's popular web framework Phoenix. Irina will explain the motivation for her betrayal, I mean experimentation, with this other language and help us understand what we could possibly learn if only we maintain an open mind! We'll have all the fixin's of a family reunion, including lasagna in a pan, cup cakes in a box, punch (spiked and unspiked), and break out fights between estranged first cousins! Don't miss this night of festivities, fun, and family as we set aside our differences, listen with open hearts, and try to all get along for a few hours!


    444 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 650 · Chicago, IL