What we're about

This is a fascinating and fun group for women onlywhere we delve into and explore what it’s like to harness Erotic Artistry and Creative Spark in our own lives.

We cover topics from sexuality and spirituality to relationships, body awareness, movement dance and healing, really diving in to where del-expressive, creative and transformative energy originates from and how to cultivate it for use in our everyday lives!

For thousands of years tantric practices have taught the cultivation of creative, Life Force Energies through different practices, focusing on the balance between our inner and outwardly-expressive selves.

Nowadays we can broaden this practice to envelop all aspects of our lives, and in turn, feeling these actual benefits in areas like career, relationships, parenthood, inner motivation & inspiration, confidence and self-image.

What is it in your life that really turns you on?

How do you best maintain your ‘Lit-Up’ state of being?

What can we each be doing to help bring this excitement to others as well as enjoying the benefits in our own lives?

Basically… how can we bring more play into our lives?

Where does your true passion originate from?

Are you ready to feel deliciously self-expressed!

Are you interested in:

Getting to talk about sex in a positive, encouraging environment and overcoming our culture’s pervasive sex taboo - returning balance, joy and connection from our culture’s ‘go go go’ mentality back to a more ‘be, feel, connect’ feeling state

Learning ways to ignite, sense and radiate the momentum of your life instead of merely being carried along by it

Understanding the many aspects of human sexual arousal and orgasm and learning ways to cultivate it and bring the benefits in to the all parts of your relationships and life Learning more about your body’s inner workings and how to enhance those with the transformational benefits of Sensual Movement that is fun, playful and can immediately amplify your mood in any circumstance.

Exploring your life from these new perspectives to bring more fun, ease and playfulness into your life Transforming any sexual confusion, shame or repression joyously into curiosity, excitement and colorful expression.

Gathering with a non-judgmental and open-minded community of women in order to surround yourself with opportunities to feel the freedom to talk about those subjects most private, important and compelling to us Hearing about, learning from, and inspiring the experiences of others who you might not know are feeling the exact same way you might be about these essential areas to being human.

If yes, then this group is what you are looking for!

Our goal is to provide a safe and positive space to explore and learn about these inner desires and how to manifest them into the outer experience of life. We explore transformation, sexuality, the actual and easily-manifestable state of feeling jazzed and lit up in life, our sacred natures and livelihood - all from the perspective of how community and Sensual Movement can ignite and activate all of these areas of our lives. These are social and educational events and discussion groups which have created a powerful and connected community - who know that anything is possible when we ignite the Erotic Artistry & Creative Spark in our own lives.

Ages 18 and above are welcome! No one is too old, too young, too knowledgeable or too green to come. All are welcome!

Come join us! Nourish your curiosity, open up your possibilities and become the Erotic Artist & Creative Spark in Your Own World.

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