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What is Erotic Intelligence? EI was founded by Christi Anne Bela, after helping get Sex Positive Nashville off the ground & serving in a key role on the Leadership team for 3 years, she decided to branch out & create something more. EI focuses on sexual pleasure for those who are experienced on this path & ready to hit the ground running or hit the bed sweating ;)

Erotic Intelligence recognizes that sex is more than physical. It takes a healthy relationship to yourself & the community. By feeling supported, entertained, engaged & active with things that stimulate you mentally, emotionally & spiritually. That is why you will see a diverse choice of incredible events to take part in. Providing outlets for intimacy, touch positive events like play parties, kink, cuddling & other sexual, as well as non-sexual activities. EI values sex education focused on experience & that looks different for everyone.

Awesome members are what make our group a vibrant, sexually healthy & happy organization. Where we enjoy the "Play, Process & Practice" model of sexual exploration & engagement.

We understand that in the southern regions finding resources like this may be challenging, so we are not limited to those only in Nashville. If you are able to meet the requirements of this group, no matter where you live, we welcome you.

We are people who are:

~ Mature, (members must be at least 21 years old) responsible & capable of Emotionally Intelligence communication & social interaction.

~ Great with boundaries, have a Sex Positive outlook & consent conscious action.

~ Self aware & practice self care, which creates intimacy in life.

~ Smart & sexy! Members have done the work in other sex groups, on their own to study, read, listening to podcasts, watching & learning from sex teachers and leaders.

~ Growing as an active Sex Positive community & honor the choices of consenting adults.

~ In the know of what they want sexually, embody a healthy space to receive it, ask for it & enjoy it.

~ We don't Yuck anyone's Yum. This is a safer space to explore your sexuality.

~ Females (trans or cis) & those who identify as Non-Binary, who are straight, gay, pansexual, asexual or bi. It is our top priority to create a safer space for you, due to the fact that our sex-negative culture has been so hard on Females & those who identify as Non-Binary. We are here to support you as you engage the courage to claim your own sexuality.

~ People of Color, other marginalized groups, LBGTQ+, Sex educators & sex therapists, sex workers, sexual healers, leaders in sexuality communities; activists, advocates, supporters & sex-positive entertainers.

~ Couples, triads & pods of every gender, orientation, alternative relationship style. (However, please submit an individual application per person!)

~ Men (trans or cis) & those who identify as Non-binary, who are gay, pansexual, asexual or bi & are open to connecting with other men or those who identify as Non-binary.

~ Hetrosexual Men who are very well educated in healthy sexuality, self awareness & have impeccable boundaries.

What we are not:

~ No training or dozens of required classes here. If you are new to all this, it's recommended that you start at Sex Positive Nashville or another Sex Ed friendly group to get the information you need to be able to go this path without assistance.

~ No lookie-lou's! We don't have hundreds of members with only the same 20 people at events. This is not the space for sitting on the side lines.

~ This is NOT a dating site or hook-up space! You can not troll or message anyone without having met them & gotten consent to do so.

How it works:

~ We are a private MeetUp group, that means that no one outside the group can see your profile or know that you are a member.

~ We have only 1 class that is required of you to attend, "Information, Meet & Greet", (held every 4-6 weeks). It is there that you will connect with the community & we can verify that you have a healthy approach to sexuality with great boundaries & consent skills. (If you are not all you claimed to be in your profile or there are any "yellow flags" indicating this is not the space for you, you will be removed from the group)

~ Our members engage & contribute consciously. The purpose of this group is to gather together as a community, of self aware beings who appreciate conversations & activities about sex, the erotic, know they deserve pleasure, see sexuality as a positive aspect of life & want to enjoy it with others.

~ This is a group for exploring thoughts, discussions and education of intimacy, love, sexuality, gender, dating, desires, various relationship models, kink, tantra & beyond with an attitude that is not just accepting but celebratory.

~ Join us only if you plan on being an active member of the group. We require that you attend an event within the first 90 days of joining and will attend at least 3 events a year.

Event structure:

Public - These are workshops, classes, educational or social events. They may be hosted by a member or a suggestion of a group or community that is affiliated. Anyone, even people not in the EI MeetUp can attend.

Private - These are only open to members of EI who have attended the required "Information, Meet & Greet". These are events that may include touch, nudity & other potentially sensual activities. All the information about that type of event is laid out for you & you can contact the host with questions. As we are strictly consent based, you are never expected to do anything & you can always change your mind even mid-act.

Are you ready to join an active, all inclusive, safer space to connect in community around the things that turn you on & peek your curiosity?

We ask that when applying for membership you completely fill out all of the questions, in full complete sentences. As well as submit a real first name or initials, along with a picture of yourself (ideally where you can see your face & there are not other people in the picture). Remember this is a private group and no one can see your membership outside of the approved MeetUp members. Having real people with real profiles is a part of creating a real community. This is a safer space to be your true self, so show us who you are :)

More about the founder of EI, Christi Anne Bela: In LA, she was a Post Production Coordinator for major Film & TV studios. Since 2007, (after she studied Tantra & Kundalini at an Ashram in New Mexico), she started her own wellness coaching business. In 2012, she ran a fundraiser for the top surgery for a member of her BDSM community. During that time she also learned about "Cuddle Party" rules from the creator of the event Reid Mihalko & took classes with Allison Moon on "Girl Sex 101" & Polyamory. She was a Pro Dom & ran monthly events at a Dungeon in LA, as well as healing circles for Women.

In 2014 she moved to Nashville, she has run Body Positive Burlesque shows, done the marketing & managed festival booths for a variety of non-profits, taught Yoga to at risk youth, LBGTQ+ businesses, including a Sorority & Law Firm. With a passion for giving back, she fundraised for Oasis Center, Nashville Homeless Shelter & Women's Outreach. She has also been trained by the Autism Center of America & works with those on the spectrum to find jobs & learn social skills. She has spoken at Mega Disability conference for 3 years on Consent. Her acronym C.A.T.C.H. is featured in the "Consent Guidebook".

Erotic Intelligence is the combination of decades of self growth, study & building community to create a safer place to enjoy the fun of our sexuality. It is her honor to be of service to the growing sexual health of the community.

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