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This Meetup is for those who are ready for more. You can get more from your career. You can get more from your relationships. You can get more from your downtime. You can simply have more. And you don't have to work harder for it.

This is not a networking group. This Meetup includes structured program material - classes. Some classes are free and some have a price tag. There's a textbook - MindSET Your Manners (https://www.amazon.com/MindSET-Your-Manners-Nicole-Gravagna/dp/1537398318/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484161583&sr=8-1&keywords=mindset+your+manners) that you can find in class or on Amazon.

This is personal and professional development. Freaking out about a new career? Join us. Think your marriage might be over? Join us. We will get to the bottom of what's hard about change.

Everything we teach here is based in neuroscience. We are all residing in human bodies and we filter our experience of the world through this human-wired brain. Every class in this series was designed using a tall stack of primary research literature as the foundation. We'll draw from neuroscience, economics, psychology, and even literature/movies. No experience needed.

These classes aren't new and different. Tony Robbins teaches this material using high energy activities and taboo language. Brene Brown teaches this material using a focus on vulnerability and courage. The Secret turned this material into some mystical energy force of the universe. Eckhart Tolle takes this material to a whole new level of zen. It's all the same stuff taught using each teacher's own natural style. These teachers, and many others, are tapped into the same recognition of the world around them. You can get this stuff too.

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