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Calling all DevOps enthusiasts! We love to talk about Continuous Delivery and DevOps!

DevOps is about creating a culture that begins by breaking down the walls between Development and Operations teams. But DevOps isn’t someone you can hire, or something you can buy. It doesn’t come in a box.

Continuous Delivery is an approach to software engineering that advocates short development cycles and frequent software releases that are uneventful, safe, and sustainable. We achieve Continuous Delivery by creating automated pipelines where code is always in a deployable state, but there’s more to it.

The purpose of this MeetUp group is to dig deeper into these areas. Join us for food, drinks, presentations and interesting dialogues.

If you have something interesting around your work with DevOps & Continuous Delivery, please let us know and we'll do our best to get you to present! It could be war stories, something you're proud of or maybe even something you're not so proud of.

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Testing Pipelines in Jenkins

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Jenkins Configuration as Code (a.k.a jcasc) and pipelines

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Pipelines in GoCD

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