FREE - Grand Opening of Esoteric Tantra Yoga Series

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The Esoteric Tantra Yoga Class is, fundamentally, a training in HUMANITY. In being a better human being in any possible way. Leading to the discovery that you are infinitely more: a sublime and transcendental presence, a beacon of light of indescribable beauty.

Come, free of charge, to our Grand Opening event, where you get to meet the teacher, hear from her what this is all about, experience a sample of practice, and have your questions answered.

This class addresses all those who feel the need for more knowledge, for understanding their life's meaning, for answering the most important questions: What am I? Where am I coming from? What is this universe surrounding me? What happens to me after death?

You will be guided step by step towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening. You will be able to shift your perspective on life, Universe, on who you really are and what is your highest purpose. More than just a collection of techniques, the course provides a way of living, a new angle in understanding yourself and everything else.

The teachings address all levels of your existence (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). With practice, you will be able to improve and develop all areas of your life, from relationships, love, sexuality, health, mental focus, emotional balance, to transcendental meditative experiences.

The Esoteric Tantra Yoga course is a progressive training into the spiritual aspects of yoga and tantra, based on Hatha Yoga Practice, Energy awareness, Kundalini awakening, Purification, Mind focus and meditation techniques.

This class puts together ancient spiritual knowledge and modern science, creating a way of practicing yoga as a spiritual path while being fully integrated in a modern social environment.

The teacher is Ileana Stefanescu, a professor of Yoga and Tantra with more than 25 years of international teaching experience. Ileana is a Masters in Electronic Engineering, turned teacher of spirituality. She dedicated her life to helping people discover the hidden dimensions of their life and being, and use their unlimited potential.