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Esoteric Tantra Yoga
The ESOTERIC TANTRA YOGA COURSE is a detailed and systematic journey into the depths of spirituality which has one essential goal – your personal transformation. It will provide various tools to awaken your true inner potential, enabling you to fulfill your dreams and goals. Ancient and profound spiritual teachings, combined with modern scientific research are broken down so they can be easily assimilated and more importantly, applied in your daily life. This course perfect for you if you desire to: • Release stress, relax and rejuvenate • Achieve radiant health and an ideal body shape • Improve your memory, attention and efficiency • Bring more joy and love in your couple relationships • Enhance your vitality, self-confidence, creativity, happiness • Achieve harmony at the physical, emotional and mental level • Quiet your mind, concentrate, meditate for longer • Turn your everyday experiences into profound realizations • Discover the hidden dimensions of your own being • Live every moment with intensity, lucid awareness and detachment • Abandon completely and consciously to the intelligent flow of life • Let life itself become a continuous and joyous lesson • Master your erotic energy and speed up your spiritual growth Course Structure: • Weekly 2 hour class, part practice, part theory • Each week builds on the teachings of the previous week • You will learn something new every class. • With each class you will receive detailed printed material covering all the practical and theoretical elements of that class. This will set you up for a safe individual practice at home. By joining this course you are also joining both a local and a world-wide community of like-minded, open-hearted colleagues and instructors, always ready to support and assist you in your spiritual journey. What to expect: The course advances gradually, beginning with essential theory, warm up exercises, and relaxation technique. Yoga bodily postures (Asanas and Mudras) are taught systematically to gradually prepare your body and energetic system for advanced breathing techniques (Pranayama). Concentration techniques are given to prepare the mind for advanced meditation techniques. Special initiations are given into secret mantras used in meditation that can enhance your life in many ways. Other aspects of the course include: • Exploration of the 7 chakra system and how to awaken the chakras through yoga poses and other yogic methods • Study of the moral principles of tantra yoga • Karma Yoga and the fundamental laws and principles of the Universe • Yoga Nidra • Sacred sexuality, the polar couple relationship • Health and diet, detox methods, and much more No matter whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner of Yoga, this class will help enhance who and what you are, adding tremendous value to your life. Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing. Looking forward to seeing you in class!! Price: $20/class or $65/month *extensive handouts provided with every class*

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What is Yoga? What can Yoga bring new and exciting in your life? How can you dramatically improve the quality of your daily experiences through yoga? We live in a challenging world, often waking up already exhausted in the mornings, lacking energy and enthusiasm. Our minds never rest, stressed by the constant bombarding with information of all kinds. The anxiety regarding our finances, family, health and business never leaves us.

How would you feel to live completely stress-free? To know anxiety and depression only as words in a dictionary? To be full of energy, optimistic, successful and feel completely alive? What would you do to make stress management a joyful habit? To master relaxation techniques that are so powerful that stress relief will seem a simple game? How much do you desire to know weight loss methods that are simple, natural and absolutely enjoyable?

Our Esoteric Yoga courses and seminars will help you discover all of this and even much more: that yoga practice is not only the best anti aging method, but a path towards consciousness development and spiritual enlightening. You will uncover the truth behind your daily moods, and the key to understanding and controlling your emotions, energy and mind.

Learn more about the esoteric spiritual side of yoga, which is the foundation of our classes, at!

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