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We meet to practice the international language Esperanto. We chat in Esperanto, eat, get to know each other and usually play some kind of game to practice vocabulary (Uno, Headbanz, Esperanto dominoes games, Scrabble, etc.) Beginners are welcome, and we do use English as needed to translate for beginners though we try to use Esperanto as much as possible so that our participants can take advantage of the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills. If you are interested in Esperanto, even if you have learned only a few words or phrases, you are welcome to come immerse yourself to accelerate your progress. We are a friendly and fun group and will help you feel included!

The group is led by an experienced Esperanto speaker who has more than 20 years experience with the language. She has traveled extensively in Europe using Pasporta Servo, a free host network of Esperanto speakers, and participated in many Esperanto conferences, festivals and events in Europe and North America. She also has two bilingual daughters that she raised speaking Esperanto from the time they were born, who frequently participate in these meetings.

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March Virtual Esperanto Conversation Group

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February Esperanto Conversation Group

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January Esperanto Conversation Group

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