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Longing for bonding with people, a listening ear, compassionate peer support, maybe learning ways to master the chatter in your mind, reduce stress, maybe even to adopt creative thinking, laughter? Join this group where I try to do my best to find ways to meet with warm-hearted females, whether it is in the nature with some wellbeing enhancing activities or just coffee on an open fire or basically anything related to feeling good about life and in life. To everybody within 50km from Helsinki, meeting places can vary.

I am a certified health coach and a forest mind counselor. I think people are meant to create and do things together and love to meet alike-minded people. I believe together we are something bigger and nobody is supposed to feel lonely or alone. I want to provide various kinds of activities, whether it is outside in the nature or inside with some inspiring topics, with the focus on improving our well-being, increase joy and create the feeling of connectedness. I have a long career in the international corporate world but have since 10 years built a bit different looking life for myself and love to help others do the same or if not the same, but anyhow feel good about their lives and life choices.

In English or Finnish!

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