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The Essence of Being workshops are a series of personal development seminars that will help you explore how to create and manifest what you want through your core belief systems. This is not a "sit and take notes" seminar.... Through a combination of simulations, role-playing and experiential games, Essence of Being™ specializes in helping you recognize the patterns you’ve created in your life. You’ll evaluate these patterns, determining if your belief system has served you well or needs to be updated to reflect your new approach to life!

Through this 3 day experiential weekend journey into self, you will become skilled at attracting success on your own terms by adopting a more powerful, yet peaceful way of being, while releasing blocks that no longer serve you. The goal of The Essence of Being™ is to raise the vibrations of people and businesses by compassionately facilitating a paradigm shift from fear, scarcity and loss to one of courage, abundance and growth.

Among the topics and games will be:

*Enhance your self esteem
*Games that teach you how to create more wealth and freedom
*Opportunities to clear your blocks to more prosperity
*Learn how to have healthy relationships
*Find a sense of purpose and the power to create what you want
*Discovering what is “enough”
*Discovering and releasing negative beliefs around money and love
*Do you feel you deserve to be wealthy?
*How to combine what you do and love with prosperity
*Learn how to communicate more effectively in your relationships
*Get what you want and deserve in your life

Most importantly we offer the opportunity to connect with like minded people, create or expand your own healing forest and HAVE A TON OF FUN!!! Because, after all ... thats what life is about right? FUN

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For more information please visit http://essenceofbeing.com/ ; or contact Chasity Clark 404-725-7109

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