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Welcome & Namaste!

All interest levels are welcome. This group is for everyone who is a seeker of Truth - who may be new or just curious, may be in search of holistic and spiritual guidance and support, or may be a knowledgeable person who wishes to expand their spiritual awareness.

Our mission is to grow together and support every individual who is progressing towards Self-knowledge and Self-realization. Develop greater awareness of spirituality through which people can experience the true nature of their inner self, and derive strength, inspiration, happiness and contentment from within.

We are passionate to meet like-minded people, share knowledge and experiences, explore our relationship with spiritual essence; and to serve all living beings and the planet.

Group events include:
• Informative workshops and insightful discussions
• Meditation
• Energy healing, Reiki
• Chakra balancing & healing
• Colour therapy and Crystal therapy
• Music – Mantra / Sound healing, Chanting, Drumming
• Holistic Life coaching sessions

The group plans to meet monthly.

Join us today and we will continue to walk together on a spiritual pathway. We will work together on a common mission to build a strong, harmonious and spiritually awakened global community.

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Basic Chakra & Aura Inspection - 1 on 1

Essence of Meditation

Chakra Balancing - Check the Health of your Chakras

Needs a location


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