Free Individual meetings with Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji

Hosted by Essense - Ecstatic Dancing LoveBeamers

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During the meeting you will get a chance to talk to the Teacher undisturbed, one-to-one. You can address the Teacher with various questions, like:
-how to choose a spiritual path and progress spiritually
-apply spiritual knowledge in day-to-day situations
-build harmonious relationships
-maintain good health
-lead a successful career
-gain inner peace and self-confidence
The Teacher can also initiate into spiritual practice, give an individual mantra and teach mantra-meditation.

Book a slot online For more information call:[masked] or[masked]

* *** When one is aiming to develop spiritually, the reliability and purity of the teaching’s source is crucial, because knowledge and practice should not be distorted by the inaccurate retelling, misinterpretation, human weaknesses or concerns.

Spiritual Teachers or Sadgurus (true Teacher in Sanskrit) are great sublime souls, who have united with God and possess deep spiritual knowledge, insight and power, emanate spirituality. Sadguru comes to this world out of pure love to the humankind and teaches eternal truths, laws of the universe, helps to create a healthy, happy and fulfilling life and supports people in whatever they need. Read more