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As a respected business leader, nobody knows your industry better than you - but a little advice
and support on other essential business matters can only make your organisation stronger... This
is why Peninsula and Sleeping Giant Media have teamed up to bring you an exciting event.
The purpose of this event is simple... to give you indispensable tools and knowledge to ensure
you are up to scratch with your legal requirements as a business owner, and also to provide you
with a website audit to ensure you are getting the best from your online presence.
On 26th July 2017, The Supreme Court ruled Employment Tribunal Fees unlawful, meaning
your employees will incur no charge to take you to tribunal. This makes it now more important
than ever to ensure you are up to scratch with essential HR matters. Peninsula has unrivalled
expertise in HR and Health & Safety and you will receive practical advice on how to:
• Improve your understanding of 2017/18 Employment Law

• Discover how to get the most out of your employees, increase productivity and decrease

lateness and absenteeism

• Employee Rights including holiday entitlement and shared Parental and Grandparental Leave
• Learn the big mistakes most local businesses have in their contracts of employment
• Gain structured advice about your health & safety responsibilities
Sleeping Giant Media will be asking, "Are you really doing digital?" in their engaging and thought provoking talk

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