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Are you interested in becoming an Entrepreneur? Firing your boss and starting your own business so you can dictate your own worth? Maybe you'd like to learn from others who have been in your shoes before? Wouldn't learning some of the essential fundamentals needed to help prepare yourself on this journey, such as how to structure an entity and when you need to go from a sole proprietorship to forming an S-Corp and or an LLC so you are getting all the right tax benefits; help prepare you so you do it right?

Or maybe you are looking to learn creative financing strategies - how to pay off a 30-year mortgage in 7-10 years, or how to use other people's money to start that business or get in involved with a real estate deal? It's been said that in today's economy, people no longer need to just supplement their income to get by... they also need to have a side business or invest in Real Estate to have enough to retire on.

Join like minded professionals who are looking to learn from one another, network, grow and build the foundation needed to succeed.

We will offer presentations on various topics, including motivational speakers, industry professionals and top leaders in their field looking to give back by helping us with their knowledge. Note: Meet-up topics will vary and can include: Financing, tax and legal, cash flow, real estate, motivational, business start up, marketing...

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