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Wanting to learn about wills, trusts, and estate planning? This group is for you.

Free educational workshops offered by The Atlanta Estate Law Center are aimed at informing, guiding, and advising the general public on a number of estate planning concerns in a relaxed setting.

It seems every brochure or letter you receive from your bank, financial advisor, or brokerage firm asks if you have done your “estate plan.” The fact is, your bank, financial advisor or brokerage firm can only help you with the financial planning aspects of your estate. You need a qualified estate planning attorney to draft the legal documents that create an estate plan for you. A qualified estate planning attorney will work with your financial advisor and accountant to create the best plan for you.

Estate planning isn’t about how much money you have, it's about protecting what you have for you, during your lifetime and for those you love after you’re gone. It ensures what you have gets to the people you love, the way you want, when you want. If you were to die today, are you comfortable everything will be taken care of the way you wanted? Estate planning is legally ensuring things will be handled the way you want by providing sufficient instructions. Estate Planning really is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have $40,000 or $4,000,000. You still have to plan for the future. Whether it’s to name a guardian for your minor children or ensure your children don’t blow through your assets if you unexpectedly die or become disabled (Terri Schiavo case).Estate planning can only be done by attorneys, and it can be as simple as a Will, Health Care Documents, Living Will and Power of Attorney. It can also include a revocable, probate avoidance trust, asset protection trusts, multi-generational tax-saving trusts, tax-saving charitable trusts, private family foundations, and many other fact-specific strategies.

Keeping your Estate Plan Current...

Once completed, your estate plan should be reviewed and kept current with life events such as the birth, death, marriage or divorce of anyone included in your plan. In addition, you should review your plan if there is a significant increase or decrease in your finances or if the laws related to your estate plan change.

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