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Online Meetup for Estate Tracking Members only in NC, SC and Texas
This meetup is for primarily Members only or those who want to come for the first time. This meetup will be like none you have attended this far. We take you to the depths of renovation, for flip and buy and hold strategies. Learn from the pros. We will do monthly site visits and see the homes and strategies in action. Learn how it is really done. I am from the old school of real estate. The way we make money is by actually doing deals. Finding homes, renovating homes, Flipping homes or buying to hold homes. We will discuss the real truths about real estate investing. What it takes to make it. You need a team. Learn the processes and meet the people on that team that you can pick from to help you succeed. Surround yourself with people who can show you from your wholesale purchase, to getting money, to getting title insurance, to getting a contractor, to getting the proper home insurance, to getting and good Broker. You can use members of our team or use our team to keep your team honest so that you win. The goal here is to synergies as a whole. I am a firm believer that the team you work with should only make money when you make money. It they can put their time, skills, talents and money where their mouth is, then you have found the right team. I am a believer in a team that succeeds when you succeed. So come on out and join the us for good old fashioned real estate education were the rubber hits the road. See you at our next meetup. Craig Brooksby

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What we're about

This Group is people who Need MONEY and WHOLESALE DEALS and want to renovate homes and are Real Estate Investors, or need Lenders, are first time and seasoned Self Directed IRA 401K Investors, Have done Renovations, Experienced Contractors, General Contractors, Renovators, Buy and Hold Investors, Multi Family Investors. We provide Lenders and wholesale properties to Investors and Flippers. The Goal of the meetup is to get Real Estate Investors, Flippers, Buy and Hold Investors, and Private Lenders to meet together and get educated. Along with education we introduce you to system that makes your buying experience easier.

This meetup participates facilitates Education in two ways.

First we introduce you to a system and a team of people that feed you live properties and introduce you to the Lenders that will help you take down the properties your purchase.

Second, You can come to our main meetup in your area. In this meetup we will show you how it is all done. From education on how to get started and how to get the money, to actual onsite visits walking with our very own successful clients who are going through the process of flipping or buying and holding homes. We share Successful renovation ideas that really work. You can be onsite and up close to our clients who are doing deals.

Our education is about ways to make money when you make money through synergy.

We do not hand you a book or sell you books and tapes. We do not charge you a fee to attend our meetings. We do not charge you a fee to drive and go look at homes. We believe that the education you are getting cannot be had in a restaurant or meeting room all the time with expensive food and speakers.

So STOP SPENDING MONEY ON MORE BOOKS, TAPES, TRIPS, AND CONVENTIONS and start learning how to make money with boots on the ground. The best way to learn is by doing it! Come and join us at our next meetup to see and meet with people who are doing it.

We have access to Attorneys, Builders, hedge fund type lenders with lower interest rates and points, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Companies and more! Get Educated for free by these people who are doing it day in and day out.

Get educated Now!!

IE: We can connect you with Money and Lenders, Short Sales, Estate Sales, Probate, Foreclosure s, Subject To, Code Violations, For Sale By Owner, FISBO, No Bandit Signs needed, No Yellow Letters needed and more!!!

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