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There is a shift in consciousness that is being experienced by many at this time: a shift from focusing on always wanting to obtain more to an approach to life which is based on compassion, peace and love.

Many people are experiencing this shift in isolation, sometimes finding aspects of their life challenging as they cannot continue to function in life the way they used to. The life that they witnessed looks crazy and it hurts - like the blinkers have come off!
A deep calling for a new way of life is sought: a new kind of normal.

This meetup group has been created to assist with this shift — enabling people to recognise the authentic self and the true creative power within.

This group will assist you to explore:

• How to use universal support and guidance via the universal law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, and the law of free will
• Moving towards living in oneness with all that is
• Making peace with now, this moment
• How to connect within and tap into your own soul’s infinite and eternal wisdom
• How to create from your own creative source
• Understanding who you are - the authentic you
• How to trust your own intuitive voice within

This group is non-denominational and will cover a variety of concepts from many different cultures and religions.

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Free meet-up - I will leave a light on

Livingston Cricket Club

Sometimes life reflects back to us challenge after challenge, to the extent we can feel burnt out, lost or just wiped out. Our natural instinct when we feel like this is to go within, go within ourselves and even go within in our lives, like the Hermit in the Tarot, to heal and seek a light to find our way. This instinct within us is primeval and a collective energy that has kept us ‘safe’ and enabled a haven for us when survival was necessary. Some of you might still be in the cave, or just coming out of it. Some others may even be thinking of heading on in there for a wee spell. What if instead or as well as hiding in our selves within we shone our light? What if we left a light on and commanded universal help from our own higher self / spirit / soul, commanded assistance from our loved ones, guides or masters in the unseen? Commanded the universal force that is our source to bring change now to turn around whatever took you to the cave? What might we attract in our lives by leaving a light on even whilst in the cave? Join me and other like-minded souls where we will explore the possibilities if we were to do this. Tonight will kick off with a group chat and a look at what is possible. Then we will sit together and work within via a group meditation, where we will play with the quantum field of possibilities. And as every possibility is already there and already created, let's line up with it together and leave a light on!

Free meet-up - A million dreams is all it takes!

Livingston Cricket Club

A million dreams for the world we are gonna make. It is becoming more widely known that thoughts, beliefs, intentions and focus are very powerful creative energies that manifest how we experience our lives/world. A shift is happening at present with many people waking up and looking for change, with this not just changing individual lives and those around them, but resulting in a butterfly effect which ripples into shifts in the collective mind. The movie The Secret was instrumental in starting to enable this shift. It showed us how to start using the universal law of attraction and how to construct our thoughts and feelings in a more conscious way - enabling us to be architects of our own reality. It helped shift many people from having a sense of powerlessness to being empowered with tools to create a different kinda life. Science has also got behind this with quantum physics and infinite possibilities through thought being possible via our focus and intentions within the field. Our only limitations are how we focus our intention and attention, as well as how big we dare to dream! Some people may think it’s crazy, but we are becoming more aware that we can create a different world, one that is more aligned with our dreams than our nightmares. A million dreams is all it takes to have quite a significant shift in aiding our planet and one another to experience a world of our own design. The evening will be in two parts as usual, with the first being where we dare to discuss our dreams together. The second is where we will close our eyes to see the world you’re gonna make in deep meditation guided by your own dreams. So however big or small your dreams are, come along tonight and use the universal law of attraction to make ‘your’ dream a reality. Some may see you as crazy, may say you have lost your mind. Lets runaway to a world that we design! lets empower ourselves and create a world that will have you smile and laugh on a rainy day!l

Free meet-up - Whispers of the heart

Livingston Cricket Club

Following the voice within Many of us seek to know what our life purpose is. To understand what, why and how we are here in this body at this time, living this life. And how many of us have said or thought that there must be so much more to life than this? No? The problem with this is that we are seeking answers to these questions outside of ourselves. What career path should I follow? Who should I fall in love with? Where we should I live? etc etc etc … When in reality, the answers to life’s questions lie fully and deeply within us. It is my personal understanding that our souls are the architects of our lives. They set up the circumstances, people and place of our birth, along with some circumstances, people and events later on in life. It is this aspect of self which always pulls us towards fulfilling its intention for being here and now. And all we need to do is listen and follow that inner voice, and let it lead us to our hearts being truly fulfilled. Fulfilled by remembering our essence, the core of our eternal being: an aspect of self untouched by any drama; which knows no loss; which knows our eternal connection and our inter-being with all and everyone. But why is this so hard? Here in our Western culture we are encouraged to seek fulfilment by a ‘more more more’ mentality. So we fill the gap that is pulling us with various forms of addictions such as alcohol, consumerism, food or even high-adrenlanine sports or other activities. This is what we are conditioned to believe is ‘the norm’. But there is a shift happening. A change in consciousness towards us becoming aware of our inter-beingness and our eternal self. A shift that our collective souls are creating as our souls get ready to dance to a new way of being. One that sets us completely free from fear and fully emerged in our true nature that is love. Tonight will be in two halves. The first will be a discussion on how the soul may be pulling you at present to go within and listen - and how it can be heard. The second half will be a deep guided meditation that will assist you on connecting fully with your own deeper level of consciousness. So the next time you sense your hearts whispers … you’ll be ready and willing to listen!

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Free meet-up - This is me!!

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