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The Eternal Now is a creative community designed to live in love & harmony. We are a Charlotte, NC-based sanctuary (that travels) that sees the interconnection between all living things. We are all a part of this Now Generation & we're here to consciously create our future. Our mission is to be active participants in the Life experience. Through our intentions, we can connect the world with the common threads of love, acceptance, compassion, & creativity. As we connect, we use our collective power to transform the culturescape of Earth into a more peaceful, supportive, & kind place to live & play in.
By providing a variety of programs & experiences centered on creativity, conscious creation, sovereignty, education, & a body/mind/spirit connection, we are leading the way for Humans to recover our freedoms (physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual). We promote a deeper understanding of Life, using multi-faceted approaches that include (& not limited to) communication, play, plant & spirit medicine, metaphysics, breathwork, ceremonies, & movement.
We are a peer-run organization committed to a future that is safe & happy for all. We believe that everyone is in recovery from something. We believe that everyone is worthy of love & peace. We believe that we are all connected by a force greater than words. And we believe that everyone deserves to live THEIR unique life. We are here to foster, heal, support, & learn how to Human in a New Earth kind of way.
We are invested in creating spaces of acceptance, community, and transformation. We offer a variety of events, gatherings, & experiences where your mind can relax, your body can be nourished, & your heart can expand.
Join us in a movement of light-hearted joy, meeting open-hearted people, and unleashing your inner creative light!

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NEBULOUS Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance

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NEBULOUS - Cacao and Ecstatic Dance Ceremony Tickets, Sat, Aug 27, 2022 at 5:30 PM | Eventbrite
*MUST acquire tix at link above*
Come to take up space, enter into the unknown and explore the unchartered territory of your future self. Dress as your etheric self, your magical self who’s ready to take up space. Light, aerial, full of wonder and potential.

NEBULOUS cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance is a transformational experience in the vast space of the heart. The unstruck sound is ready to be filled with our love, our movement, and our creative expression.

NEBULOUS is space, lacking form, the pure potentiality of a future we are here to create. The infinite zero-point is to be explored and played in. This is where creation is birthed. This is the Future.

The space will open with sacred Cacao, guiding the heart into the ancient wisdom of love. Spiritual guide, Jane Ritz, will facilitate the ceremony by offering direct transmissions of the Now while cultivating a safe space for you to dance your prayers, take up space, alchemize energy, and liberate your mind to allow your spirit to dance.

Conscious high vibration music will bathe us and entice our bodies to move in space. Music maestro Josh Paul will intuitively share sacred sounds to hold the space in the frequency of love. The music will be curated in the Now to allow us to flow, feel, and expand into our highest selves.

Ecstatic dance, a liberated form of free movement, allows the body to alchemize & release stagnant & repressed energy. Combining with sacred Cacao creates a truly transformative experience.
We are in a time of sacred evolution as we anchor in the codes of the New Earth frequency.

Pre-register HERE

**Bring a special mug for your Cacao**
*Bring water to drink
*Dress is mentioned above
*Bring whatever you're comfortable meditating upon
**ARRIVE 15 min early. Carpooling is encouraged!

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Solstice Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance

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