What we're about

We are a group of enthusiasts and developers focusing on Ethereum ecosystem.
We are working on both public and private blockchain.

Join us if you work or want to learn more about building unstoppable applications based with Ethereum, Solidiy, Vyper, ERC-721, ERC-20, Web3.js, Truffle, Remix IDE, Metamask, Status.im, ...

Also check our Telegram Channel ( https://t.me/ethbelgium ) & Group ( https://t.me/ethbelgiumgroup )

(This is not an event focused on cryptocurrencies !)

Upcoming events (1)

Ethereum 2 Beacon Chain launch event 😹

Online event

Hi, For the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain, we are organizing a laid-back online event 🥳 What? The long awaited, major upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain is starting on December 1st ! In the last 5 years, Ethereum have led the blockchain revolution and have become the foundation of a fantastic ecosystem leading to social innovation, enterprise & institutional adoption. For those who are not up to date on this change we will explain what is happening, where we are going & what will change (https://ethereum.org/en/eth2/). When? December 1st starting from 5PM, the day of the launch. You can drop in later there is no formal agenda planned. Where? How? We will meet online this time on Jitsi Meet (https://meet.jit.si/EthBelgium), the open source video conference app. No account or software installation is needed, just open the URL in your browser and you're in. Take care & see you there ! Cheers Fred

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