[Workshop] Privacy Infrastructure for the Decentralized Web: Secure Computation

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The Hague Tech

Anna van Hannoverstraat 4 · Den Haag

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Note: The Hague Tech just moved to a new location! You'll find it just across Laan van NOI train station, former Ministry of Social affairs (Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid). Entrance at corner Wilhelmina van Pruisenlaan / Anna van Hannoverstraat

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Join us for an active workshop in The Hague, to explore use cases for Secure Computing.

We will follow a new meetup formula where we join the Copenhagen and Cape Town meetup groups (comfortably in the same time zone!), have an introductory plenary talk, followed by local workshop groups that report back to the plenary in the end. This requires strict planning and time coordination, so the schedule will be:

18:00 Open doors
18:30 Local introductions
18:45 Introduction to Event by Troels Plenge (Copenhagen)
18:50 Talk by John 'Tux' Pacific (USA)
19:35 Introduction to Workshop session by Troels Plenge
19:40 Workshop in Groups
20:10 Group presentations
20:30 Online event ends - local networking

Questions beforehand or want to introduce yourself? Join the Telegram chat at https://t.me/joinchat/G2ov-BWiFRz43jkodBp6hw

(See https://docs.google.com/document/d/12e95wRy0rj4jtFfS08y_7ZY5BFsoVktWwaTazCosZkc/edit for the living document)

Secure Computation allows for secure, privacy-preserving artificial intelligence.

Projects like openmined.org started to research and discover how you could apply machine learning on your personal data without exposing your data to others. Those principles are now starting to be adopted by many projects.

In this session we will have a talk by John 'Tux' Pacific, who is a Cryptography Engineer with NuCypher, where they work at building Privacy Infrastructure for the Decentralized Web. He will take us through the different technologies available to achieve secure computation, and explain use-cases of projects applying these technologies.

After the session we will have a workshop, where the participants will work in groups (3 to 6 ppl) to find use cases, where these concepts can be applied.

This workshop will be hosted as part of the “Global Eth Organizer” network, where world class speakers are broadcasting live to multiple meetup locations worldwide, while the workshop sessions are hosted locally.


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Cape Town Ethereum Meetup

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