Ethereum Coding, Updates, and Demos


[Please note that we'll be on the 9th floor, not the 7th. Room 3-149.
• What we'll do
Hey Ethereum Devs and Enthusiasts, We're hosting another Friday evening Ethereum event and hopefully everyone can make it. At this session we're going to have a mix of introductory solidity coding (for those who want to learn the basics), some updates on the ever-advancing world of Ethereum tech, and some amazing demos. Agenda:
1. Updates on Ethereum tech
2. Demo: Stack ( Crypto + Fiat debit card banking system)
3. Demo: Cthylla (Pokémon Go + Geocaching on Ethereum with DIY authenticated BLE beacons for under $2 in parts.) presented by Richard Moore & Yuet Wong
4. Re-Fungible Tokens & Clovers.Network presentation by Billy Rennekamp
5. Solidity Coding w/ Blockgeeks
6. Networking

Everyone is welcome, from beginners to advanced coders alike.
Special thanks to Ryerson University for hosting us.

• What to bring
Bring a laptop or pen+paper if you want to follow along with the coding component; this is optional though.