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Special Project Updates: Melonport, MakerDao and Gnosis

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---Sponsored by InvestHK---

Please join us for a special project update by three of the most exciting and key early projects in the Ethereum ecosystem, Melonport (Decentralized portfolio management protocl), MakerDao (the original stablecoin), and Gnosis (pioneering prediction markets)

We will be joined by Hansen Wang (Head fo External Relations, Melonport), Chao Pan (Economis, Maker), and Anna George (Regional Manager, Apac Gnosis). Each project will have 30 minutes to give the latest updates on their technology and community development and answer Q&A's. Hope to see you there!

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Melon is a decentralized tool for individuals or institutions to set up and manage an investment fund in digital assets. It is the first of its kind autonomous systems, designed specifically for the purposes of crypto asset management.

MakerDAO is “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” (“DAO”) operating on the Ethereum blockchain. At its core, MakerDAO permits the creation of a decentralized ‘stablecoin’ on Ethereum called Dai. A stablecoin is a token that seeks to eliminate price volatility, effectively tracking the price of a fiat currency like the US dollar. 1 Dai = 1 USD.

Gnosis provides an open platform for businesses to create their own prediction market applications on the Ethereum protocol, as well as a fully decentralized exchange based on the Dutch auction principle. The Gnosis DutchX uses batch auctions, enabling a better price finding mechanism and eliminating the risk of front running currently faced by other decentralized exchanges.