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Thank you for keeping in touch the Meetup Group, and we are glad to be able to bring you another event by Ethereum!

Ethereum, a blockchain-based virtual machine and Web 3.0 platform featuring state-of-the-art user-created digital contracts and a Turing-complete contract programming language, has been preparing to be one of the most exciting digital alliance since IBM and Microsoft collaborated so successfully on the IBM PC. For Block Chain enthusiasts, you will get a first-hand update from Vinay into the developments of Ethereum and key business imperatives Ethereum can bring to the community.

Block Chain Technology had recently been gathering headlines for their novelty, impact on the possible utilisation for a greater good, aside from Bitcoins. Singapore, renowned for its legislative support, propensity for transparent and efficient systems, can be a nurturing ground for Block Chain Technology empowered businesses to take off.

Key Content:

· How can businesses and minds alike grasp Block Chain Technologies?

· What are the distinguishing factors that make a Smart City?

· What are Smart Contracts and how can they shape and empower economies

· Test cases of on-going projects that are currently being built on the Ethereum platforms

The Speaker's Bio:

Vinay Gupta is the Release Coordinator for Ethereum and Inventor of the Hexayurt. He brings with him strategic insights into the launch of Ethereum, key business imperatives of Ethereum’s Block Chain Technology and its impact on a rapidly advancing nation like Singapore. Vinay holds claim to being one of the world’s leading thinkers on infrastructure theory, state failure solutions and managing global system risks including poverty/development and the environmental crisis. He is also the pioneer member of the US National Defense University STAR-TIDES program on humanitarian assistance and an Associate Fellow at the University College London Institute for Security and Resilience Studies. Vinay is also Chief Editor of the book, The Future We Deserve, a compilation of 100 essays about the future by different authors. The Hexayurt Project, a sustainable architectural shelter design, won the top TreeHugger architectural award in 2007 for its revolutionary and low-cost design. His full bio and accolades can be found here at,

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