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Advanced Workshop: From Idea to Contract

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Technologies like Ethereum enable an entire new class of applications to be developed: DApps. Those are fully decentralized applications that use Ethereum and other technologies to completely remove the need for a central trusted 3rd party.

In this workshop we will focus on the entire process of transforming an idea into a smart contract. If possible come with a simple idea that you want to realise as a contract. Some default ideas will be provided as a fallback. During the workshop you will develop, test and deploy the contract (onto a private chain or testnet).

Please note that the expected prior knowledge is at least basic familiarity with solidity (at the level of our first workshop). If you're unsure, have a look at the example contracts of the first workshop (

Likely topics include:

• Common patterns to map real world concepts to the ethereum world

• "Advanced" Solidity concepts

• Using geth / node.js to work with contracts

• Testing (with solidity and JS)

• Overview of standard contracts (Namereg, token standard, etc.)

• Deployment using a development framework

• Manual deployment using node.js (probably)

Expected prior knowledge:

• At least basic familiarity with solidity (at the level of our first workshop)

• Basic knowledge of Javascript / node.js (highly recommended, if you have absolutely no experience, you might want to work together with someone who does)

What you should have installed:

• geth (as a standalone, not just Mist)

• working installation of node.js / npm (required)

There is no need to sync any chain.

If you have problems with setting up geth, you can come 15 minutes earlier and we can help you out.