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[TECH] Microsoft's Blockchain Workbench + Swarm Summit Recap

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This time we will hear again about Microsofts involvement with blockchain technology, specifically the Azure Blockchain Workbench. Afterwards there will be a brief recap of the currently ongoing Swarm Summit.

To avoid colliding with We Are Developers this time the meetup starts an hour later than usually (19:00).


1) Azure Blockchain Workbench (

Microsoft caught the interest of the blockchain community with their "Project Bletchley" quite a while ago. Now, at their annual developer conference at the beginning of May, they unveiled Blockchain Workbench. Its intent is to be a solution accelerator for blockchain PoCs, basically removing the obstacles of infrastructure setup and all the other red tape that is in the way of actually proofing out use cases for business owners.

In this talk Christoph is answering questions such as "Is it for you?", "How does it compare to Hyperledger Composer?", as well as "How does it work architecturally?". Because even if the Workbench per se isn't right for your needs, some of the architecture might well be - even on infrastructures other than Azure.

Christoph is MVP for Azure and publishes the code of his projects on He is an independent consultant, supporting companies in everything Azure, Windows and Web (he was ASP.NET MVP for ten+ years). Aside from working on his own projects, he is also involved in other OSS projects, such as the .NET decompiler ILSpy . You can reach him via

2) Tales from the Swarm Summit

A quick recap about what happened at the presently ongoing Swarm Orange Summit 2018 in Ljubljana and a status update on Swarm incentives.