• The Future of Work: Blockchain Enabled Decentralized Economies

    Join us for the latest iteration of the BUIDL Community worldwide meetups, this time in Dubai! We will be discussing the very interesting topic of 'The Future of Work' and how decentralization with the help of the blockchain can help us discover new ways of finding work and building great products. Simona Pop, co-founder of The Bounties Network will also be joining us to shed light on the topic and to talk about how The Bounties Network is enabling people all over the world work on interesting projects and address important societal and environmental issues. The event will take place at Consensys MENA office in Design District Building 5, Suite 207(B). Parking is available within the Design District. Food and refreshments will also be available ;) Event starts at 7:00 PM Dubai time. Please RSVP.


    Node 5

    We are excited to invite you to the Enterprise Ethereum Hackathon this November in Prague, immediately after Devcon! It will be hosted by PegaSys, the ConsenSys protocol engineering team, and co-sponsored by Microsoft and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA). The hackathon will be November 3rd-4th to celebrate open-sourcing the Pantheon Ethereum client and to get some of the best minds working on EntEth problems together to discuss and tackle key challenges in one room. Many of you plan to be in Prague for Devcon, and we would love to see you stay the extra weekend to join us as participants. If interested in sponsoring, participating, or for any questions, you can reach out to Vijay ([masked]) or through this website: https://pegasys.tech/hackathon Looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

  • Lebanon Blockchain Bootcamp 17-21 October, Beirut. Limited seats!

    WHAT IS THIS BOOTCAMP ABOUT? The event is a training to teach people everything about Blockchain, from introduction to developing their first decentralized application. Attendees need to have some basic programming knowledge. Visit us at https://lebanonbootcamp.consensys.net/ WHY ATTEND Blockchain is a technology that has been growing rapidly and has many applications. It is getting adopted by major international companies and governments. We are bringing a group of international experts in the Blockchain space to teach attendees how to code on the Blockchain. Attendees will get the chance to learn the basics of Blockchain development and network with experts to explore startup ideas and job opportunities. Attendees will also receive a certificate at the end of the training. HOW TO SIGN UP Lebanese Programmers / Professionals can sign up directly using the Ihjoz link: https://ihjoz.com/events/3570-consensys-lebanon-blockchain-developer-bootcamp Lebanese Students have to fill out the following survey to apply. If selected, they will receive a confirmation email. PRICES This type of in-person training costs usually ~$1000 HOWEVER, Since this is a Social Impact initiative, we have made the prices extremely affordable for the Lebanese community. The original price will be $89 for professionals and $59 for students. Only a few seats left!

  • Practical ways to research and learn together in a decentralized space

    Join us for an exploration of how different communities in the blockchain space handle research and development and how you can participate and dive in. We'll be talking about ideas, projects, and systems you can use to start learning about decentralized, peer-to-peer systems and how they're made.

  • Join us for a primer on crypto exchanges!

    ConsenSys MENA

    This session will be relevant to you whether you are crypto enthusiast, an investor or an entrepreneur, considering to explore the world of crypto assets. Join us for a rich discussion on the basics of cryptocurrency exchanges. We will walk through the various types of exchanges, their differences, their current state and how they are evolving. We'll then have a look at which jurisdictions are contemplating welcoming crypto exchanges but still have some concerns about perceived risks. What about self-regulation? How does that come into play with crypto exchanges? What this session is NOT? This session will not offer any kind of investment advice. The material for this presentation will not be circulated, as this is a relatively new emerging area, information regarding exchanges could change rapidly due to various market reasons. The meetup will offer a platform to share knowledge and have an open dialogue on this every changing space. Bring your questions and insights! We look forward to welcoming you soon!


    The Knockdown Center

    MUST PURCHASE TICKETS HERE TO ATTEND : https://goo.gl/5SrrSZ What some call the “SXSW of blockchain”, Ethereal brings futurists, entrepreneurs, investors, media icons, government officials, artists, musicians, and humanitarians for a day of storytelling and knowledge sharing. FOR MORE INFO AND TO PURCHASE TICKETS GO HERE : https://goo.gl/5SrrSZ

  • 30 things you need to know about participating in token sales

    Join us this Sunday 22 April to learn all about tokenization, token sales and decentralized funding. This session will be relevant to you whether you are a purchaser, investor or entrepreneur who is considering tokenizing your business. Coming to us from New York Jay Thakrar, our host, is an early member of Token Foundry, a global platform backed by ConsenSys for well-designed tokens and token-powered networks. Given that $3.4bn of capital has been allocated to token sales as of December 2017 without adequate consumer protection and governance, Jay and his team are working with the community to establish best practices for the industry.

  • Blockchain jargon explained.Do you REALLY understand what you're talking about?

    • What we'll do Have you caught yourself using blockchain jargon, aka 'trustless', 'distributed', 'P2P', 'immutable', 'PoW', 'mining', 'smart contract', 'key', 'fork', 'cryptography', etc, WITHOUT understanding what these terms REALLY mean? Well, you are not alone, because these terms have far more sophisticated history, meaning and application than their face value. In this interactive session, ConsenSys will walk you through these commonly-used terms. Our hosts will be Jan Grabski, Director of Enterprise Scaling, and Shuyao Kong, Senior Consultant at ConsenSys MENA. Again, the session will be interactive so please come with questions! We look forward to hosting you in our office located in Dubai Design District! • What to bring Your curious mind, questions, and your smile! • Important to know Please arrive on time

  • Ever wonder how Hedging, Future Contracts, and Blockchain can interact?

    The cryptocurrency world is a volatile one. During this upcoming Meetup, find out how for example an e-commerce website that is accepting cryptocurrency payments can protect itself from price volatility using hedging techniques and future contracts. Our hosts will be Narayan Prusty, talented blockchain engineer at ConsenSys MENA and author of 3 books including Building Blockchain Projects along side Bashar Lazaar, lead Enterprise Consultant at ConsenSys MENA working closely with Smart Dubai Office and advising private sector entities on blockchain case ideation and implementation. We look forward to hosting you in our offices located in Dubai Design District!

  • Come develop your knowledge about smart contracts. Why "smart" contracts anyway?

    2nd floor of Emirates Towers mall, DFA Auditorium

    • What we'll do A unique opportunity to hear from the world renowned Juan Llanos, FinTech & RegTech lead at ConsenSys (Ted Talk speaker) and our MENA lead blockchain engineer. This introduction to smart contracts will walk you through what are smart contracts, how they came about, what the regulatory landscape around them looks like , industry-specific examples , and the endless applications they unlock. This will be followed by a technical deep dive showing you how to implement your first smart contract, which developer tools are needed and more. • What to bring Notebook and/or laptops for those who want to code their first smart contract! • Important to know This interactive session is geared towards curious minds and techies with an appetite to learn more about how the decentralized world can look like.